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USA Coordinator - International Men's Day , International Men's Day Coordination Committee

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I propose a two-tiered mandatory and intensive psychological debriefing program for a minimum of one (1) year for all individuals who have been incarcerated and their loved ones and families. The first tier provides formerly incarcerated individuals with emotional and psychological tools that address self-esteem, anger management and decision making issues. The second tier provides mandatory and intensive sessions with loved ones and family members of individuals who have been incarcerated. This second tier will provide the loved ones and family members with the necessary psychological and emotional tools they will need to help those they love who have been incarcerated heal spiritually, psychologically, and emotionally; to trust again; to love again; and to create a future for themselves; and empower and strengthen the communities that they have returned to. As a result, the entire community is positively transformed into a nurturing, vibrant, and safe oases.


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