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I propose a two-tiered mandatory and intensive psychological debriefing program for a minimum of one (1) year for all individuals who have been incarcerated and their loved ones and families. The first tier provides formerly incarcerated individuals with emotional and psychological tools that address self-esteem, anger management and decision making issues. The second tier provides mandatory and intensive sessions with loved ones and family members of individuals who have been incarcerated. This second tier will provide the loved ones and family members with the necessary psychological and emotional tools they will need to help those they love who have been incarcerated heal spiritually, psychologically, and emotionally; to trust again; to love again; and to create a future for themselves; and empower and strengthen the communities that they have returned to. As a result, the entire community is positively transformed into a nurturing, vibrant, and safe oases.

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    Aug 12 2013: What they need is a way to make a living and the self respect that comes with that and a way to get/stay off drugs.

    They had a program at the Susanville prison that had the lowest recidivism rate in the U.S. but the prison guard union got rid of it so they could afford the extravagant California pensions.

    It seems to me work is therapeutic so they should work.
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    Aug 12 2013: now you have under two hours
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    Aug 12 2013: Did you want more time on this, click "edit" to add more time, right now you have 11 hours.
  • Aug 12 2013: That would make sense but who in America wants that. Besides we used to have jobs Now we don't
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    Aug 12 2013: I am retired from the Arizona Department of Corrections. The program you suggest is a good idea ... the problem I see is the "mandatory". Budgets a shrinking so funding becomes questionable. The other factors that would have to be overcome such as transporting the family members to the mandatory meetings, special facilities for family and especially children, and other associated issues.

    I am not qualified to make judgements ... however, there are some who this experience would be wasted. However, being mandatory all must attend.

    The mission of the department of Corrections to ensure that inmates remain in custody as long as the judge and jury has decided. As much as we would like to think they rehabilitate they don't. Prisons are gang heavy and peer pressure is the rule of the day. Disobey and the consequences are dire. Prisons are dehumanizing.

    Perhaps this could be administered by parole or even a sponsor like the International Men's Day Organization.

    Just some thoughts.

    I wish you well. Bob.
  • Aug 12 2013: 1. how much would this cost?
    2. what is the expected recidivism rate?
    3. what type of crime, all or just non-violent or something in between?
    4. do you know the highest rate of self-esteem was found in serial killers, 2nd were individuals on death row.? -8>))
  • Aug 11 2013: I guess it would work but i feel as though they already do this with psychological conditioning and psychiatrists.
    • Aug 11 2013: Good Evening Charles! How are you? Would you be willing to advise as to the identity of the psychiatrists that are already implementing the proposed two-tiered mandatory healing and humanization program I propose for the formerly incarcerated and their families and loved ones? Are you speaking of the Emotional Literacy Program facilitated by the Lionheart Foundation? I'd like to talk to the psychiatrists and facilitators of the program. Looking forward to hearing from you. Thanks!