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Will humans evolve separate from robots or together?

As technology advances we always seem to see us separate from technology as though to stay "pure" but with modern medicine already doing implants of artificial Everything! and it will not be that long until we have nano bots inside us. Even father in the horizon there is a good possibility of connecting the brain with technology.

So. I ask do you think will happen? now of course there might be robot minds most likely (Ai) completely separate from our own mind. But I am pretty sure we will technically be considered cyborgs (most people don't like that word) as you think about it now though are you not already part of technology? cell phone, internet, tv, and even your car now days.

Even if you say and believe it is impossible still interesting food for thought :)

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    Aug 14 2013: Humans and robots will keep evolving till the human race survive.

    Humans will evolve irrespective of robots.

    Evolution of robots largely depend up on humans.
    • Aug 14 2013: Yes but human evolution is very slow technology grows exponentially so it's advancing far quicker than evolution.
  • Aug 13 2013: I think the gap between robot-related work and human-related work will increase more. Simple work that only systemically skills are required can be replaced by robots but some kind of emotional things cannot be occupied by robots. Delicate abilities will need to soothe the pain of humans.
    • Aug 13 2013: And why can robots not have emotions? humans are just higly advanced machines it's totally possible thaf if evolution can create emotions and a brain out of nothing but water and other basic materials so can we.
      • Aug 14 2013: Hello Charles. I agree with you. Technologies are far more advanced so that there are a lot of possibilities that robots can have more specific emotion. But I think it will have a certain limitation. Even though robots feel and sense like a human being or can express their emotion, It is obvious that they and we are different naturally. So sometimes, I am scared of our enormous developed technologies..:-(
        • Aug 14 2013: Why would you be scared? because humans aren't special or something that we are just conplex machines that could be reproduced with technology? I think that's really cool amd i hope i can see the day of robots as smart or smarter than normal humans.
      • Aug 14 2013: It's cool and cannot be denied that robots are developing in a more detail way but what I am worried about is if they have more complex abilities than human beings and replace us. Then what would we do? It maybe sound like Science fiction movie but still has a possiblity. I think emotion and sincere sense are the previlige of human. What do you think Charles:)?
        • Aug 14 2013: Robots would replace humans if we didn't upgrade with technology and that's one of the main reasons i believe we will. And no i don't think humans are the privileged with emotions animals have them too and their brains are much less complex.
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    Aug 13 2013: .

    Humans can never evolve together with robots
    because robots change too fast to be adapted to.
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    • Aug 13 2013: But how do we know that technology is not just the nest step of evolution? our brains could take millions of years to improve dramatically and by that time machine's minds if not integrated with our own will be all powerful then.
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    Aug 12 2013: 10 machines get better
    20 machines get better as one
    30 people go around
    40 and around
    50 goto 10
    • Aug 12 2013: what does that mean?
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        Aug 13 2013: meaning is relative but when i wrote it, it was a comment on how machines get better with each new 'generation' of the device. old design flaws are improved. new features are added.

        emotionally, humans spend their lives evolving but this life experience is not passed onto the next generation - they must figure out their own path - so effectively, we do not evolve at all in this sense.

        the format of the poem is a nod to the old basic programming language.
        • Aug 13 2013: so that was a poem and they knew nothing of this. Also it still doesn't make much sense still.
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        Aug 13 2013: who is "they"?

        poetry is meant to be somewhat open to interpretation - heaven forbid that people should be forced to think and make up their own mind in the 21st century - is there an app for that..?

        the format is a loop - much like the job this sort of BASIC program would set up - so the 5th line instructs the computer to go back to the beginning and run through the execution again. theoretically, this would continue for eternity.

        I've said too much..
        • Aug 13 2013: they are whoever wrote this poem.

          Also I am so terribly sorry but i still have no idea what you are talking.
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        Aug 13 2013: then, in this case, they is me.

        i guess it will have to remain beyond the reach of unevolved humans ;)
        • Aug 13 2013: Ok so i still don't know if you think we will evolve together? or seperate??
  • Aug 12 2013: Evolve over the short time? and it's all short time spans.
    • Aug 12 2013: what does that mean?
      • Aug 13 2013: Charles consider what you are not thinking?
        • Aug 13 2013: how can I consider something i don't know of? that's impossible to do!

          but still that doesn't describe what you meant by your first comment?
      • Aug 14 2013: That's the point, but it's fun for all of us because it results in a transderivational search. But there are always things we don't donsider until we've done something. It's the journey from science to engineering.But now to the point - evolution is so S L O W. But building new better computers and robots is fast. Does this help? To say it fast makes it seem trivial. Godspeed my friend.