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Are rules made to be broken

Why should rules made. To some it is a challenge to find the back door of a program and demonstrate their expertise. To others it is just a dare. We talked in class and passed notes ... if caught we got detention. Yet we still did it.

When I say rules ... I do not mean laws.

Have you ever broken a rule .... why .... would you do it again?


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  • Sep 7 2013: I just know IM gonna break more rules... some on accident some on purpose outta neccessity or lazyness. Theres a time to enforce rules and atime to break them... like kids eating on the furniture or going to bed or speeding theres really no rules that are complete all the for every circumstance. We cant always follow them and we cant do without them..
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      Sep 8 2013: Right on Andrew! I have heard some TV chefs say, "There are no rules in cooking!". That cannot be true. I wonder if they really mean to say we should not be intimidated by the rules and we should even be willing to break one on occasion (out of necessity or laziness as you say).

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