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Are rules made to be broken

Why should rules made. To some it is a challenge to find the back door of a program and demonstrate their expertise. To others it is just a dare. We talked in class and passed notes ... if caught we got detention. Yet we still did it.

When I say rules ... I do not mean laws.

Have you ever broken a rule .... why .... would you do it again?


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    ...under what authority YOU seek the removal of Assad and
    ...why YOU believe YOU HAVE THE RIGHT to KILL and MAIM
    ...any Syrian people, whether by mistake or design. to achieve
    that aim.
    To Kill and Maim the Syrian people.
    As if they themselves were guilty of Killing the Syrian people.


    Collateral Damages, resulting from those
    200 Tomahawk Missiles waiting off-shore.

    Collateral Damages resulting from his
    $Billion Dollar Bombers pinpoint bombing.

    OBAMA WILL KILL and MAIM the Syrian people.

    A pox on him and those like him, who have no care for all those civilians
    the US has killed on its mission to install even more obsequious dictators in that region.

    Those deaths matter to me and I do not consent to their killing.
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      Sep 2 2013: We have not received a post from Barack Hussein Obama, (oops, I just got on the NSA Watchlist) but I guess from his current plan, and others over the last 6 years, his answer to this debate question would be "YES!".
      • Sep 3 2013: Edward, thank you sir,
        Syria, breaking the rules of civil society, in flagrant fashion?

        I'd like to see Obama's damning evidence.
        ...Perhaps, the United States Congress will believe Obama.
        ...His claim that Assad's troops had gas masks?

        The US Troops had gas masks when we invaded Iraq.
        ...Does that mean the US used chemical weapons?
        ...Maybe then we did.
        ...That would make us the Devil himself.
        The US Congress went along with both the Bush's and Clinton's
        Shock and Awe when they were using Cruise Missiles and doing
        B52 Carpet Bombings in Iraq. A hundred miles of Bloody Highway
        attested to their deeds.
        ...Cruise Missiles and Carpet Bombings are WMD's,
        outlawed by most nations except the United States.

        The US Congress's and both the Bush's and Clinton
        refused to sign the treaty, and the US Congress sidestepped
        the issue of ratifying the world-wide accord.

        The United States manufactures and still uses both
        Cruise Missiles and Carpet Bombing in their Wars.

        The United States are breaking the rules of civil society,
        in flagrant fashion.
        Syria's survivors will be is bad shape if the US and France unleash
        their Cruise Missiles, Carpet Bombing,, and 200 Tomahawk Missiles,
        Carpet Bombing and Missiles delivered by $Billion Dollar bombers,
        and the Aircraft Carrier Fleet, all sitting off shore.

        The poor Syrian's need to look for another nation to live in.
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      Sep 2 2013: Frank, This all very political interesting. First sent two Republicans to solve the issue ... not your state department or diplomats. Second have your chief Diplomat call their President a "Thug and Murderer", then for the first time in his presidency go to Congress for a approval of something instead of using Executive Orders.

      Makes me think there is a election in the near future and the President is setting up a blame factor ... Must be Bush's fault as usual. Or if voted down the Republicans stop him from doing the right thing.

      Yep politics as usual.

      I am still figuring out why shooting missiles and bombing is ok ... but remember no boots on the ground. Guess if we send in troops it is like war where as killing them with our missiles and bombs is not war.

      Glad we tried diplomatic approach first .... calling him a thug and murderer was smoooooooth. It would certainly make me want to come to the table for talks with a person who is willing to listen.

      Thanks for the reply. Bob.
      • Sep 3 2013: Robert,
        I was thinking about rules and this popped into my head
        Could it be that Obama knows that Assad has a weapon delivery
        system for chemical weapons that could be used to attack the
        White House?

        That itself, would make him want to kill and maim any Syrian,
        innocent, guilty, man, woman, or wee child. Pretty scary, enough
        to unhinge anyone, especially a targeted President.
        Not too Far-Fetched? A Weapon of Singular Destruction --

        It would Not have to contain anything that could be spotted
        at an airport. Perhaps an article of clothing that could be later
        ground and processed into a deadly mixture. I am a sinister
        No propellant necessary. Just a large Bow and Arrow device.
        Gosh, what the evil mind can conceive, evil man can achieve.
        I fear for Obama, now, before he kills again, and afterwards when
        the sons and daughters of his Syrian victims come for revenge.
        ...However --
        History shows that people like Bush Sr., Clinton, and Bush Jr.,
        never get taken out by revengeful "terrorists", aka: the sons and
        daughters of their victims.
        ...Obama may too sit in the protection of history.
        ...Assad may not be so lucky.

        Jimmy Carter is exempt. He has been redeemed by his God.
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          Sep 4 2013: Yeah, Carter is exempt ... he didn't do the Clinton in the Oval Office or kill masses .... he did however ... lust in his heart ... guess Monica was not on staff yet. If Hilary gets in Bill can be Secretary of Lust.

          I too have thought about this and based on the Muslim Brotherhood stating if the US conducts strikes they will retaliate ... I think there are assets in place. The Refusal of the government or Home Land Security to enforce the immigration laws have by their own admission also allowed terrorists entry into the USA. The NSA, FDA, and Homeland Security all are snooping on us (Big Brother is no longer a novel) and will intercept some calls. Sleeper cells are dedicated and have plans in effect ... They are not all as dumb as TV and movies make them out to be.

          The sad truth is that idiots like Obama get other people killed.

          Everyone calls this a strike ... No boots on the ground ... If I fire missiles and send bombers to your home I have declared war on you .... Is anyone so dumb as to think that killing their people by missiles and bombs is NOT a act of war?

          All of the investigators are out of country now and there has not been a announcement of Chemical Weapons. Two days after they arrived back England voted no to intervention. Obama says they shall not go unpunished ... It is a civil war. Our intervention will solve nothing ... unless they retaliate. Diplomacy is totally gone ... Karry called their Pres a "Thug and Murderer" ..... Smooooth. Wonder what that means in diplo speak ... Maybe ... nice suit have your people call my people and we will do lunch and talk about this.

          Bottom line this is about politics not Syria.

          I see Hilary weighed in today ... It took that long for the Democratic Party to evaluate the pros and cons. He has the Repubs in a tight corner ... yep politics as usual.

          I had fun talking this over .... Bob.

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