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Are rules made to be broken

Why should rules made. To some it is a challenge to find the back door of a program and demonstrate their expertise. To others it is just a dare. We talked in class and passed notes ... if caught we got detention. Yet we still did it.

When I say rules ... I do not mean laws.

Have you ever broken a rule .... why .... would you do it again?


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    Aug 31 2013: A rule, I think, is an experiment of behavior where one can see the effects of the rule being followed or broken. Rules tend to have a universal context to them and when rules are made upon rules to protect people from the rule breakers or to benefit more than normal from upholding a rule, the experiment is compromised and the original rules 'effectiveness diminishes.
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      Aug 31 2013: At some point in human history someone responded to an event by exclaiming, "That's not fair!". Others nearby heard, and agreed. "Let's all agree that we will not allow that from now on." BAM! The first Rule, or Law, was born. I'm guessing the punitive part of the system was pretty crude, like,"You took Igor's stick? You must be beaten to death." Everyone could see the result of breaking the rule and people's sticks were left alone. Was such a rule made to be broken? A society, or the majority members thereof, agree to make and follow a set of rules/laws. That's the experiment, it is called Civilization.
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        Aug 31 2013: Maybe a better question would be are rules made to teach a lesson and would following or breaking them have the better lesson of civility?
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          Sep 1 2013: I think we learn something from every experience whether breaking a rule or achieving a lifelong goal.

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