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Are rules made to be broken

Why should rules made. To some it is a challenge to find the back door of a program and demonstrate their expertise. To others it is just a dare. We talked in class and passed notes ... if caught we got detention. Yet we still did it.

When I say rules ... I do not mean laws.

Have you ever broken a rule .... why .... would you do it again?


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    Aug 30 2013: There is the argument that laws are made to be broken. By that I mean, the government creates certain laws with the knowledge that some people WILL break them. Thereby, the government representatives have leverage on them if it ever becomes necessary. I bet a determined person could find laws unintentionally broken by each person in this forum. (Consider tax laws.)

    From reading other comments, it seems finding laws broken would not be too difficult.
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      Aug 30 2013: I would hope that laws are passed for the good of the country and the citizens. It was made a law, I hope, because there was a need. Laws are for the greater need of the citizens safety, welfare, and protection.

      I can assure you that in law enforcement I could stop almost every vehicle on the road at some point. The letter of the law would find many violators.

      I( have taken the position that Executive Orders should not have the weight of law. Laws are by act of Congress per the Constitution. Executive can be resinded by the next office holder ... laws cannot.

      I hope that all citizens are basically honest and do not violate laws intentionally. The US AG has now said it will not enforce federal laws on certain states that have passed smoking pot. Why just certain states? If it is OK in your state and you do it in my state ... are you wrong. We turn left after stop here on red. If I do that in other states I could be cited.

      The other thing is wording. On our ballots some yes votes means you are against the proposal and other yes votes mean you are for the proposal. I really want yes to mean I want it and no to mean I do not want it. Many laws are written so that the average person may not know what is what.

      We passed a law in AZ to move to the outside lane for cars in the breakdown lane. Well not really. It involves flashing lights and emergency vehicles. Hearsay beats reading and knowing.

      I do not fully disagree with you .... IMO the representatives of the people are becoming elitists and have voted themselves rights that place them above the law. They exempt themselves from the laws passed. I agree that we need to be more aware of what is happening. As Obamacare comes near people are reading it and find all of the undesirable elements that should have been found by the legislature had they read it before voting for it.

      Thanks for letting me expand on your reply. I wish you well. Bob.
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        Aug 30 2013: I would "hope" so as well, but that unfortunately does not make it so.

        Also, laws are not as simple as "yes/no". When you vote "yes" for an item, you vote yes for EVERYTHING in there whether or not you agree with every line item. Likewise, voting "no" is saying "no" to everything even if there are some elements you want. All or nothing. This is why representatives are often labeled as "voting against women" or "a supporter of freeing criminals" when their decision was based on the greater good at the risk of specific line items or elements in the bill.
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          Sep 1 2013: Good topic for another post when The Vacation is over... should a ballot issue or a Bill be restricted to one subject?
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        Aug 31 2013: It is OK to safely turn LEFT after stopping at a traffic signal? Say what?
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          Aug 31 2013: I did say left didn't I. Well that explains all those people honking and going the wrong way when I drive in Phoenix. I thought they were saying I was number one with that single digit salute.

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