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Are rules made to be broken

Why should rules made. To some it is a challenge to find the back door of a program and demonstrate their expertise. To others it is just a dare. We talked in class and passed notes ... if caught we got detention. Yet we still did it.

When I say rules ... I do not mean laws.

Have you ever broken a rule .... why .... would you do it again?


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    Aug 23 2013: Renegades and rebels everywhere are passing notes in class. When a rule is broken it can be fixed and the result is a better rule. If a broken rule cannot be fixed it may lead to the discovery that it was not necessary in the first place and everything works just fine, or maybe even better, without it. I think there is a time to break SOME rules in order to improve The System. Some rules, like "Don't stick your finger in an open flame!" should not be broken. In that case there are far less harmful ways to discover the results of fire upon flesh. As W.D. says, find the reason for the rule's existence. I say "Yes, within reason, rules are made to be broken."
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      Aug 23 2013: On school board we had a discussion about school rules. One wanted no logos on any clothing .... I pointed out that our school shirt sales would definitely be impacted. We discussed skirts either at or below the knee and punishments ... that would put all cheerleaders in detention. Hair length came up .... men's hair .length became a issue .... five male teachers would have to get locks chopped.

      As we have a small school and we all know each other very well why all of the worry about these rules. I submit that rules should reflect concerns for safety, welfare, and focus on the educational process.

      For almost every rule proposed there were exceptions .... I object. From the top (President) to the bottom (me) rules, laws, and regulations should apply to everyone. As a example: Insider trading is a federal crime everywhere but in Congress .... they are citizens so the law of the land should apply to them also. Is Obamacare good enough for the masses but our leaders all opt out by making their own law.

      Using those two example .... yep I guess rules are made to be broken .... Role modeled from leaders.

      Great conversation Edward ....
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        Aug 23 2013: Legislators have the power to make LAWS. We are talking about RULES here. There is a difference as you point-out in the post intro. Bingo on the proper considerations for intelligent rule-making being safety, welfare, and specific advantage to the parent effort/organization. So many rules have nothing to do with any of those criteria. Break-On Robert!
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          Aug 23 2013: Are not laws just rules with consequences?
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          Aug 25 2013: It's about POWER and not RULES but POWER to enforce rule on others but behind closed doors the makers do not have to follow. The only way to fight the law and win? BECOME THE LAW (or a convincing translator of a bible)!
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        Aug 23 2013: RE: "Are not laws. . ." I just don't want anyone to think this conversation is advocating breaking any law. Also, it is not just laws which have consequences. Rules can carry penalties too. There are always exceptions to rules, but there should be no exceptions to laws. As you said above, no one should be exempt from the law. I say break rules IF they are not valid, but obey ALL laws.

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