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Evolutionary! Let me know your thoughts and how you could help facilitate something like this.

Its time for a change. We all know this. We think it's time for a change to fix a financial system or prevent business from failing or to protect our country by whatever means necessary. No this is not the time for that. NOW is the time for a change on how we treat each other and how we think of each other. It is time for a spiritual change, a moral change, a change that really matters to our children and their children. We have to change or we doom them to pay for our irresponsibility and ignorance. I will not ask you to make this change for me or for your country. I ask you to do this for your family. That is all I can ask of you because I will do the same for mine EVERY SINGLE TIME! We don't need to change the world. The world got us this far but we have lost our way. We all seek the path of peace and prosperity BUT this cannot be achieved through violence or intimidation. This can only be achieved by UNDERSTANDING. Understanding that we cannot rely on people who lie for a living. We cannot rely on pretenders. It is clear we cannot rely on what we have been relying on. We must rely on each other. They do not want to help us. We've made it easy for them. I refuse to continue this any longer. I'm tired of being walked on, I'm tired of breaking my back to make a company richer while I struggle, I'm tired of it all. Aren't you? It is time for this change. We are watching the world fall to pieces day by day. I say we build our world NOW as we watch this old world crumbles beneath us. We CAN make it better. We just have to work together and believe. Think of what Humans have achieved in small groups throughout history. Everything we know now is because a brave group believed they could make a new way. Lets not let their efforts and sacrifices be in vain. All we have to do is try.


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  • Aug 15 2013: Blablablablablablabla. I have just translated your entire rant into a single "word". You spew lots of vague generalities and emotionally-laden terms, but nothing real, nothing concrete, nothing common-man oriented. Let me guess, your "change" must be in gigantic "movements" or other dramatic gestures.

    Such "changes" usually end up merely as "Meet the new boss, same as the old boss." What is a "real" change? At what point would it become so important that we are to start hurling bombs or shooting people, because such wild-eyed ranting as yours feeds the bomb-throwers.
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      Aug 18 2013: Bryan, I find it comical that you blame people who voice their ideas for the violence that people commit against them.! If that isn't a completely messed up mindset, I don't know what is. MLK got what he deserved and so did JFK because their "wide-eyed ranting"? Or is it only ranting when your a normal person? Or does actually being successful turn your rant into a speech? I can't agree with your thought at all. If you wanted to disagree you can make some valid points to why you don't believe in what I said? I'm also sorry that you expect the new world to be the same as the old one with a different face. That is the hopeless mentality that keeps us stuck. The world was made by people no smarter than us. I feel we are smarter now so why wouldn't we make the world better? I will let my thoughts evolve along with my actions and my message. You have every right to be a deconstruction person but that's not me. Hope you get better soon Bryan,
      • Aug 18 2013: Are you pretending to be as stupid as you sound? Quote SPECIFICALLY where I blamed victims of violence for the violence. GIVE THE SPECIFIC QUOTE. The "new world" will be the same as the old, because people like you--totalitarian dogmatics who refuse to compromise or bend, will be the ones who run the "new world", just like they run the old.
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          Aug 18 2013: "At what point would it become so important that we are to start hurling bombs or shooting people, because such wild-eyed ranting as yours feeds the bomb-throwers."
          Specifically the second part of this quote.Ranting like mine feeds "bomb-throwers".Those people are called extremists and I don't approve of that.

          People who oppose multi-million/billion dollar corporations are usually the people being attack. Who did Monsanto hire??? Blackwater mercenaries or whatever they are called.

          The ones who stand to lose profits are the ones that attack, covertly of course.

          If you read my comments I'm quite sure I said in one manner or another that I don't condone violence or the use of violence to coax someone to think like me. I'll admit that if you think what I'm saying is impossible or too expensive, I'd say you care too much about dead people on fancy paper.

          History has proven that people will do very bad things to get rich or become powerful. Seeing as I have tolerated this world and attempted to compromise and just can't stand all the things i see not happening because of money. Kids starve because of money. People don't get medical attention because of money. We don't take advantage of technology to save natural resources because of money. If money was gone these problems would disappear. You can disagree if you want but I'm still going to do what I've been doing and spread the message I've been spreading.

          By the way the new world will be ran by the people. We can communicate world wide in the blink of an eye. Man I don't know though, if you can't see it than I'm sorry. I see a great future in my mind and have hope that something close to it can be achieved. We just have to work together. One day we will see and I really do hope something changes peoples minds even if it is not me.

          It was good debating with you Bryan. I look forward to the next one.

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