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Evolutionary! Let me know your thoughts and how you could help facilitate something like this.

Its time for a change. We all know this. We think it's time for a change to fix a financial system or prevent business from failing or to protect our country by whatever means necessary. No this is not the time for that. NOW is the time for a change on how we treat each other and how we think of each other. It is time for a spiritual change, a moral change, a change that really matters to our children and their children. We have to change or we doom them to pay for our irresponsibility and ignorance. I will not ask you to make this change for me or for your country. I ask you to do this for your family. That is all I can ask of you because I will do the same for mine EVERY SINGLE TIME! We don't need to change the world. The world got us this far but we have lost our way. We all seek the path of peace and prosperity BUT this cannot be achieved through violence or intimidation. This can only be achieved by UNDERSTANDING. Understanding that we cannot rely on people who lie for a living. We cannot rely on pretenders. It is clear we cannot rely on what we have been relying on. We must rely on each other. They do not want to help us. We've made it easy for them. I refuse to continue this any longer. I'm tired of being walked on, I'm tired of breaking my back to make a company richer while I struggle, I'm tired of it all. Aren't you? It is time for this change. We are watching the world fall to pieces day by day. I say we build our world NOW as we watch this old world crumbles beneath us. We CAN make it better. We just have to work together and believe. Think of what Humans have achieved in small groups throughout history. Everything we know now is because a brave group believed they could make a new way. Lets not let their efforts and sacrifices be in vain. All we have to do is try.


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    Aug 14 2013: Evolution fundamentally means "change". Hence, evolution is happening permanently. There it seems to be a great confusion about the meaning of -evolution-
    If the question in this topic really is: Is it time for a change IN THE RIGHT DIRECTION then we should all agree. But we should also realize such "evolution" would be CREATIVE EVOLUTION, or an evolution with a direction, a purpose, an aim.
    Such as the so called Universe Evolution.
    If the universe would be a product of pure evolution, chaotic, as ruled by the second law of thermodynamics then at this time there should be no beauty, no order, no extreme complexity, no wonder of Human Kind, not an awesome Universe at all.
    Yes! we can make it better! With creativity. Not by mere evolution.
    Thinking otherwise is accepting the crude views of pure evolutionary minds, which deny the most important element for an Evolution. Without a Director; without a Creative Mind evolution leads to total disorder, total chaos. That is a FACT!
    Would you leave the creation of better ways for this world to mere chance?
    It would be quite silly! Just as to think the Marvel of our Universe has happened by mere chance...
    • Aug 15 2013: As a biologist, the idea that a stochastic process cannot give rise to "order" is quite absurd. Nothing at all in the second law of thermodynamics says that, at any given moment, every individual local condition must be more chaotic than every given local condition of a previous time point. All it says is that the sum total of conditions will, over enough time, be more chaotic. It says nothing about the specific condition of a specific time and place. Indeed, second law is so chaotic that it even permits for local order to exist and for order to actually increase on a purely local basis, for a limited time (say, no more than a million years or so), so long as, over the entire lifespan of the universe, the entire system moves to chaos.

      A simple analogy: The Toy Law of Toy Sums says that, given 1000000000000000000000 different numbers, the sum of those numbers will ultimately go from the original maximum value to zero over a period of 100000000000000000000 years. Okay, so, let's say that you are able to track 1000000 numbers over a period of 10000 years. Your observation says that the sum is actually climbing, ever so slightly. That doesn't prove the Toy Law of Toy Sums is false. After all, you have only observed 1/10000000000000000000000000000000 of the numbers to which the Toy Law applies. Likewise, someone else, who observed an overlapping but different set of numbers, comes up with a decreasing sum. Now what? The existence of local order is not adequate to disprove the second law of thermodynamics, since the second law does not preclude local order. It talks about the end-game sum vs. the start-game sum.
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        Aug 15 2013: I've heard the argument before, many times indeed. Curiously, it seems to be a favorite argument from biologists, which strangely think the whole evolution is solely related to biology and the Life process.
        Being myself a Computer Scientist, with easy reach to complex computer systems, we have many times created simulations of pure chaotic generation, starting from a perfect data order. We could observe, after performing an enormous amount of generation cycles, serendipity increased constantly, and our search and efforts to identify any particular "local order" we found very rare and occasional minimal set of simplistic order, never comparable to the tremendous complexity and exquisite order found in the Universe. At speeds over 1 GigaFlop, we prolonged the experiment, doing iterations for an equivalent of 4000 million years of evolution, resulting in no evident surgence of any appreciable order.
        The phenomena was TOTALLY different when we introduced minimal rules (laws of generation) within the system. Then we could obtain growing patterns of order and even exquisite results, but we must remember this were the actual expressions of the programmer's intentions.

        I really would like to see a clear demonstration of a significant "local order" from a pure and clean thermodynamic process, WITHOUT any admissible and indentifiable external influence
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          Aug 16 2013: You both have very good points but I have to point out I used evolution to replace revolution because revolution implies a revolving cycle. Evolution seems to be a better word for how serious the change would be. It wouldn't be something we could reverse after it happens. I'm glad people are getting so into this!!
          Thank you both and keep the passion.

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