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How would you search for life?

I was just sitting browsing through the internet the other day and i kind of got struck by an idea that i haven't be able to shake. Instead of looking at stars and every planet that's around them trying to find life why don't we work backwards.
I propose we start with what we have an idea of what alien life might look like (lets use the "grays" for this example) and we figure out what kind planet might produce life that looked like that and then figure out what kind of star that planet would have to orbit. And we start looking for stars like that and look closely at the planets that will fit our description.
I think this "working backwards" method would be a great way to advance our search for life, what do you think?

  • Aug 11 2013: Hi ,Dear sheldon mann.I think working backward or moving forward just a think or an action of mind.I think in searching of life,working backward and moving forward needed to be going in thinking
  • Aug 11 2013: "working backwards" is a great idea, sheldon:) If backwards is improtant, then kind of forward method has its own value. It might depend on situations but the most essential thing is 'balance'
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    Aug 11 2013: But what if the Roswell aliens’ shape and color was a result of living for millennium in space?
    Many life times of imperfect artificial gravity and lighting, could explain why such looks came to be.

    Here is a pondering of my, that has been bouncing around in my head.
    What if God creates one intelligent species per galaxy, and we humans are the one intelligent life in the Milky Way Galaxy. We fail and its black-hole bye-bye time or we combine with another galaxy.
    So we could find only microbes, plants, fish, and things beyond our imagination, but no intelligent life. For a long, long time.
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    Aug 11 2013: Hi Sheldon,
    Do a search on images or video either on bing or google of Hollow Earth theory. You will be surprised. Let me know what you think.
  • Aug 10 2013: Now you have me thinking. You assume we have to search ome of the most interesting people just come up and say H I Why would aliens have to be different?
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    Aug 10 2013: According to Murphy's law, this 'alien life' would then have no need for any planet or sun to exist and were invincible within the whole electromagnetic spectrum. Happy searching ... ;o)
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    Aug 9 2013: How do we know the grays are living organic beings? What if they are probes or surrogates? What if organic life can't withstand the rigors of space travel?