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Love is overrated.

You will never find your true love, there is no perfect relationship. Or is there?
Isn't love overrated? Isn't love just something people simply make up in their minds so they can have something to own? Something to get jealous about? Something to brag about? An excuse for poetry? Let's say love was real, that is was as pure & amazing as people make it out to be. If all of that were true, why do we cheat on the ones we so-called love? Why do we continue to hurt the ones we are 'suppose' to love. Should we just remain single for the rest of our lives? Or should we aim for other types of relationships? For example; open relationships, not monogamous relationships, communes, etc..

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  • Sep 6 2013: i believe love does exist and i find it to be the unique connection between two human beings which occurs naturally.most people in couples confuse the feeling of love with other emotions which are triggered by the person they "love".for example a couple months ago i meet a very beautiful lady and i did not feel anything for her at the time until one of my friends said ''wow dude she hot" and ever since then i always wanted to be around her and in her presence.after a while i thought i was inlove but then soon released that i only wanted to be around her because it gratified my ego i was not sexually attracted to her nor did i care much about her.so i confused the feeling of having my selfesteem boosted combined with the feeling of worthiness for love.

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