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Love is overrated.

You will never find your true love, there is no perfect relationship. Or is there?
Isn't love overrated? Isn't love just something people simply make up in their minds so they can have something to own? Something to get jealous about? Something to brag about? An excuse for poetry? Let's say love was real, that is was as pure & amazing as people make it out to be. If all of that were true, why do we cheat on the ones we so-called love? Why do we continue to hurt the ones we are 'suppose' to love. Should we just remain single for the rest of our lives? Or should we aim for other types of relationships? For example; open relationships, not monogamous relationships, communes, etc..

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    Aug 10 2013: Love is such an elusive term. Not playing with semantics when you throw in the term, "in love" for example. Whew! Don't get me started.

    My former sister-in-law gave me the best perspective when I was newly married. Of course I didn't know it at the time. She shared that when the relationship is good you can't imagine it being any better, and when the relationship is bad you can't imagine it any worse. Truer words have rarely been spoken to me.

    I've found for myself that trouble arises in my relationships when I abandon self love. When I tolerate less than what I know I deserve (whether romantic, friend, or family). Going along to get along to the extent that it becomes self betrayal. As I honor myself I bring honor to the relationship. I wouldn't cheat because that would bring dishonor to myself. Ultimately it has nothing to do with the other person. It's about me relating to the highest version of myself.

    When I was younger I thought that love was enough. Now, I know that it's not. In order for love to thrive I must practice self love and self care. This makes me more attractive to myself and organically to someone else. I'm not trying to have a relationship where we are two halves trying to make each other whole. I prefer two whole people that both freely give and share with each other for as long as they choose to do so.


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