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Love is overrated.

You will never find your true love, there is no perfect relationship. Or is there?
Isn't love overrated? Isn't love just something people simply make up in their minds so they can have something to own? Something to get jealous about? Something to brag about? An excuse for poetry? Let's say love was real, that is was as pure & amazing as people make it out to be. If all of that were true, why do we cheat on the ones we so-called love? Why do we continue to hurt the ones we are 'suppose' to love. Should we just remain single for the rest of our lives? Or should we aim for other types of relationships? For example; open relationships, not monogamous relationships, communes, etc..

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  • Aug 9 2013: A lot of questions here! Could we add another aspect of love----the desire to do something nice for someone. It could include a desire to do something good for another person, even a pet.

    Two people meet in a place and strike up a conversation. Discovering they could have some common interests they trade contact information and express a desire to meet again. They like each other. This liking can grow into a love to do something good. How can you do something bad for someone you like and grow to love? Love doesn't have to be defined as for marriage or familial; it can be a broader love for another human being. A civic club could take up a cause to help a child who is likable, but is ill and needs help, for example. The club acts and the child and his family benefits.

    Love can grow when people increase desire to sacrifice for others. Deep affection can mean deep sacrifice and deeply felt desire to spend more time together. A marriage built on this kind of love is likely to endure.

    One does not have to be married to supremely love others. Love for a spouse can result in a great team of parenting for children. What is it other than love that causes parents to "do without" so that children can have an education, even clothes and adequate food?

    Love for a great artist is another aspect of love. Would you like to meet a great performer just because you'd like to do something nice for them? Not many of us would have a chance, but the feeling could be universal.

    Defining love in a positive relational way benefits all involved. Forgiveness comes so much easier when love is real, fluid and active in one's mind.

    So much could be said. What say others here?

    I wish you well.

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