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Would you rather buy an online version of a single article instead of buying the whole publication?

An online platform that would only contain content that users already have to pay for, where users simply pay and download articles from various sources instead of buying the entire publication (hard or soft). Through content browsing patterns, users can be surprised by new content based on intelligent content selection.
Managed through a single account and easy payment process.

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    Apr 14 2011: I think this is a great idea, but I also think it could work better for more serious, scientific topics, not so much for regular newspaper or women's magazines or anything like that. I'm saying this mostly as the university student I am, I often have to write essays on certain topics and it would be much easier and cheaper if I could get ahold of single articles that I need, not whole magazines. It could be very efficient and easy for students and researchers/writers etc.
  • Apr 12 2011: That would be very convenient as very often only single articles interest me. Today I wouldn't purchase the whole magazine for that, but if this page would allow me to just buy one single article, that would be great!
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      Apr 13 2011: Hi Mike,

      Thanks for your comment. So would it be fair to say that the reason you don't buy an entire magazine for a few articles of interest, is the cost?

      I currently subscribe to a hard copy of the Time, Economist and the Cosmopolitan magazine but certainly don't read it cover to cover - it would work out to be much cheaper if I only paid for the articles I actually read!
      I imagine this could even improve the quality of articles if writers knew how many people would pay to download their particular piece
      • Apr 13 2011: Most of the magazines I read I now subscribe to via Zinio, and read on my iPad. Although it doesn't address your desire just to buy individual articles (which I agree with), the subscription cost is about half the cost of a hard copy subscription and substantially less than buying by the issue.
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          Apr 14 2011: Thanks for the recommendation on Zinio, I had not heard of it before. It's a really great website and business model.
          In Australia per capita magazine consumption is the highest in the world, around 230 million magazines are being bought every year. So was wondering if there was a market to attract more customers, who will pay only for the articles they read at a very low price.