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Closing Statement from Tore Land, Director, GE Ecomagination Challenge

We at GE want to give our heartfelt thanks to the TED community for participating in this conversation. Your ideas and insights -- ranging from home automation and discussions about a two-way grid to apps and gaming methods that can drive behavior change -- have been fascinating to read and stimulating to respond to.

On a personal note, as the host of this conversation, I want to thank you for your participation and fresh thinking here. And on behalf of the whole ecomagination Challenge team, we look forward to working with you to help imagine and build technology that can meet these pressing environmental challenges.

GE believes widespread adoption of clean energy technology will start in the home. And we believe the second phase of the ecomagination Challenge will help drive that change. We invite you to continue to follow this project via our website:


We're currently reviewing the submissions to the challenge and, together with our partners, will evaluate the most innovative. We'll be announcing the winners next month -- stay tuned for the announcement!

Home energy is a critical global challenge, and we want the TED Community to know we are committed to building -- and scaling up -- innovative solutions.

Thank you for letting us pick your brains!

Tore Land
Director, GE ecomagination Challenge

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    Mar 9 2011: DESIGN, Build and retrofit residential and commercial buildings that combine high efficiency building envelope ( insulation, windows etc). Buildings in general account for 40% of total US energy consumption. Residential houses use 60% of their total yearly energy budget on heating, cooling and hot water. Install, wherever possible, high efficiency Geothermal ( ground source ) heating and cooling system. Geothermal system has efficiency of 400% because it is using free and renewable thermal energy from the Earth. Geo equipment runs on electrical power which can be generated by CLEAN renewable sources like hydropower, wind, biomass, solar. In deregulated electric power market each consumer has an option to choose that 100% of electrial power they buy is actually generated by renewable sources, directly supporting the growth of green power generators. Check with your local power company. Locally installed Solar electric array (PV) can generate electrical power that supplements green power used from the grid. If there is extra power produced by PV it will be sent to feed the grid (net metering), giving user a credit against their electric bills. Some states use SREC credits. A Certificate gets generated for every Mega-Watt-Hour produced by PV. Certificates can be sold on the open market (now $650.00 in NJ). That is in addition to the benefit of reducing usage and getting credits for net metering. Finally, locally installed Solar Thermal systems can supply 80% of domestic hot water and excess heat can also be used for supplemental space heating. Integrate systems with energy flow controls for seamless and most efficient operation. These three are proven and CLEAN technologies that can significantly provide energy from renewable sources in our backyards. They require capital investments, paybacks are 3-10 years and with cost of fossil fuel energy payback will get shorter. We have designed and installed over 75 integrated systems in New York since 2003. All available now!

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