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Closing Statement from Tore Land, Director, GE Ecomagination Challenge

We at GE want to give our heartfelt thanks to the TED community for participating in this conversation. Your ideas and insights -- ranging from home automation and discussions about a two-way grid to apps and gaming methods that can drive behavior change -- have been fascinating to read and stimulating to respond to.

On a personal note, as the host of this conversation, I want to thank you for your participation and fresh thinking here. And on behalf of the whole ecomagination Challenge team, we look forward to working with you to help imagine and build technology that can meet these pressing environmental challenges.

GE believes widespread adoption of clean energy technology will start in the home. And we believe the second phase of the ecomagination Challenge will help drive that change. We invite you to continue to follow this project via our website:


We're currently reviewing the submissions to the challenge and, together with our partners, will evaluate the most innovative. We'll be announcing the winners next month -- stay tuned for the announcement!

Home energy is a critical global challenge, and we want the TED Community to know we are committed to building -- and scaling up -- innovative solutions.

Thank you for letting us pick your brains!

Tore Land
Director, GE ecomagination Challenge

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    Feb 14 2011: How about furniture, appliances and technologies that allow for us to comfortably live in smaller spaces? We have circa 3x the amount of space that we did 50 yrs ago. And an extra 3,000,000,000 sft of offsite personal storage. And we're not happier.

    Every extra room requires you to design it, build it, fill it with stuff, light it, heat it, cool it, clean it, maintain it etc..The easiest way to be greener is to live littler...and it can feel good. and it's great for the environment. and it can save you money.

    Would love to see things like:

    expanding tables that also adjust vertically (coffee table becomes table for 2 becomes table for 10). see goliath table.

    sinks that can be shared between two rooms (duplication in tiny apts makes no sense).

    faucet, showerhead shareable between sink and shower?

    moving walls that are safe, easy to use and cost effective in order to expand the uses of a single space.

    movable seating that can be used for lounging and dining and contains storage

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