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Global Warming: Make me an offer...

The theory of man made global climate change says that human co2 emissions, in fact, are a massive and immediate threat to the earth. This theory has been taken as token fact even though temperature models that formed the theory are now almost two decades into inaccurate projections of temperatures thought to have rapidly risen by now, but have actually been stable since the year 2000.

Pretend I'm a high ranking government official and answer this for me as though you were a policy analyst:

Is it logical for governments to enact policy that is detrimental to fossil fuel industries, global economies, and the families of those workers who are literally put out of work by the government based off of the increasingly unfounded and hotly scientifically contested theory of man-made global climate change?

Keep in mind these factors:
Renewable energy does not have a cheap and efficient answer currently.

As we've seen with the Stimulus Package- government subsidized "green" start-ups end in bankruptcy.

The country is in the midst of an economic crisis.

Fossil fuel is the most cost effective and profitable energy source.

Fear is a powerful tool for politicians and businessmen alike.

Have fun kiddos!


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    Aug 11 2013: If I am not wrong , I feel, you are talking about US government.....
    I don't feel , when US government plan is not that myopic....only focused to one or two years as it sounded in the post above.
    Understand your point about inaccurate projection of temperature....but is it that simplistic to conclude about climate change ?
    As human being with our all science and technology we fail to predict natural disasters say....like earth quake but some animal can feel it ......(well in villages of my country , many farmers still predict flood looking in to the movement of ants).. In such case do you think extinction of species can be a predictor of climate change ?

    You are right , today renewable energy is not a profitable venture.....not every technology is cheap at the beginning at least that doesn't mean it will never be.....so is not there any need to have plan for that ?

    Last not least, points to ponder why J F Kenedy decided to invest behind space exploration in early 60s.....?
    • Aug 19 2013: I dig waht you're saying but, the earth is billions of years old. Recorded temperatures only go back for a few hundred years and conjecture is made based off of soil samples from deep in the planet. We're looking at an inch of data to explain 500 feet of big data.

      And, on a lesser not, JFK invested in NASA because of the space race with the USSR during the Cold War paranoia- fear based policy initiatives and ear marks existed back then too.

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