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Is happiness internal or external?

Can happiness be influence by your external circumstances or is happiness internal? If happiness is internal, where is it's location? How or can happiness be influenced, externally or is the influence strictly internal?


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    Aug 22 2013: Happiness is a state of mind,
    which lies within,
    unaffected by external factors.
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      Aug 22 2013: I think the state of mind is some reflection of the outside world. If the outside world doesn't exist, your happiness will disappear.
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        Aug 22 2013: Those who depend on external factors to be happy , never find happiness.
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          Aug 22 2013: If a joyless person spends time with a happy person(s), they may come to inherent some joy from the relationship.

          Perhaps we are born with a predilection for happiness.
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          Aug 22 2013: Why?I think a person can depend on something external he likes to make it into a hobby ,which makes themselves happy. For example: music, painting..... You can depend on them forever and get the feeling of success(one kind of happiness) if you can make great achievements in it.Even if you don't make any success in it, you still can get fun that makes you feel happy.
        • Aug 22 2013: Whenever I get gloomy and think there’s no way I can feel good about myself, I watch Conan O’brien on Youtube. And strangely, somehow I feel refreshed and “happy”.
          And during the day, I laugh more often than usual because of the stuffs he said on the videos keep popping up in my head.
          Even not knowing how to organize my thoughts, I move on no matter what because, as far as I’m concerned, the more I appreciate little things given in my life, the more I feel good and however shallow it is, I become happy anyway.

          Rather than seriously pondering about what would be the core of being happy, just letting myself be vulnerable and simply take pleasure in what I’m doing is enough—at least for me.

          I don’t think I never found happiness.
          Rather, in retrospect, I could have missed the chances to appreciate ‘happy moments’ in my life with too much thoughts and reflection.
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        Aug 22 2013: "If the outside world doesn't exist, your happiness will disappear."

        Yes......................eventually it would disappear..........I think. Hmm
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          Aug 22 2013: Yes.I think after death, people will lose the impact from the external and their hearts will stop feeling everything in this world. :)
    • Aug 22 2013: You say happiness is a state of mind, unaffected by external factors (invariably).
      A person’s mind is always affected by something.
      Even the way you define “happiness”, that is, your point of view, is influenced by something—say, some book, philosophy, religion, parents, movies, life experiences, etc.
      If someone you love dies, I bet you can’t help being sad unless you’re some sort of, as we call, “robot” or something. Can you still claim that the state of your mind—being sad not affected by external factors?

      You can still insist on the idea that even being sad can be part of being happy, but in order to do that, you’ve got to persuade me more than just a sentence.
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        Aug 22 2013: One can train to be happy all the time and in all circumstances. Believe me you can achieve this state of mind if not all the time but most of the time ... no mean achievement.

        I will recomend to ypu

        Practice Karma Yoga, Bhakti Yoga

        "Happiness No matter what " by Richard Carlson , read this book

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