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Is happiness internal or external?

Can happiness be influence by your external circumstances or is happiness internal? If happiness is internal, where is it's location? How or can happiness be influenced, externally or is the influence strictly internal?


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    Aug 21 2013: I liked Allan and Johnny replies, I think happiness is "Truly accepting and enjoying internally what is externally"
    • Aug 21 2013: I love your hat

      When I first encountered the monks of Kauaiā€™s Hindu Monastery in the early 80's they were already deeply involved in using computers to enhance there communication capabilities and advance there knowledge. I have been watching Dubai in the same way take advantage of the new technology and there progressive governing systems which are light years ahead of the rest of the world. The rest of the world is bogged down in debt to an outdated and inefficient reality stuck in a system of Greed.

      Like the monks, I am so glad when I see any progress by any portion of our population that is breaking away from the old system and building a new world with every tool available to them. Bravo Maher Shirah, for you are indeed a prince among men in more than one way.

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