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Is happiness internal or external?

Can happiness be influence by your external circumstances or is happiness internal? If happiness is internal, where is it's location? How or can happiness be influenced, externally or is the influence strictly internal?


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    Aug 16 2013: Hi Teresa,

    It is an interesting statement, turned question that you are making. You make the following assumptions:
    1. that there is something called happiness, and we all know what you mean
    2. that this so called happiness can be externally or internally located/derived.
    3. that it can somehow be manipulated, influenced etc.

    Please forgive me but I must be true to myself and mean no disrespect.

    Do we really know what happiness is? Or is it that we label a momentary egotistical experience as happiness, and seek to find the cause so it can be available to us on demand, like all other capitalist consumer goods?
    Or do you mean that we are talking about pleasure here?

    If happiness is a destination, what is the point of departure? Surely it cannot be happiness.. so what is it? dissatisfaction, translating as un-happiness? If it is desired, it means we do not have it this moment, it is absent. And to want, something we don't have, as a means of achieving psychological completion/integrity/satisfaction may be our downfall...for as long as we seek psychological homeostasis through desire and want, we are cursed to be living in want, an endless and sad existence, as we believe never to be complete as we are, forever in want, seeking and not finding...forever hungry and thirsty, seeking for the answer in all the wrong places...and others benefiting from your struggle...selling you books, songs, goods, telling you to keep searching

    Is happiness comparing myself with others worse off? Is happiness getting a promotion? All these experiences are short lived, they are momentarily pleasurable, and we are back to un-happiness. And the circus goes on....

    True happiness has nothing to do with seeking anything, any form of seeking in itself results in unhappiness as you depart from your natural state, inviting discontentment.

    Gratitude could be the door to true happiness....being grateful for what there is available this moment...and enjoy it this moment....all else is deception
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      Aug 22 2013: Perhaps I may be of help.

      Experiencing a sense of happiness is similar to learning the distinction between sweet and unsweetened.

      Gratitude may offer a means to gain continued states of happiness but it is hardly the doorway. We could also be grateful that the future may hold events of happiness that extend well beyond this moment.

      Being immersed within the confines of a circus can sometimes make a person experience a sense of happiness. I guess it might be different if it were a circus gone amok.

      It has been my experience that those people who don't know the difference between being happy vs. unhappy are usually unhappy with their lot. It's the ignorance of the distinction between the two states of being that bring them to experience unhappiness in the moment. The real problem lying at the root of their discontent is the fact they don't know the difference and thereby substituted confusion in their moment of consideration. They deceive themselves.

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