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Is happiness internal or external?

Can happiness be influence by your external circumstances or is happiness internal? If happiness is internal, where is it's location? How or can happiness be influenced, externally or is the influence strictly internal?


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    Aug 9 2013: I don't percieve happiness as just feeling good. I think happiness is feeling alive, that sensation of being in the moment and connecting. It is not just the feeling of good, because if you just search for that constantly then it loses its power, it is like the yin yang. Happiness is both feelings of goodness and feelings of sadness and pain, because they feed off each other and heighten the sensation of both. That being said, I believe that happiness is an internal sensation, much like conciousness. There are physical signs that we can attribute it too, like the chemicals and neurotransmitters in the brain, but it fully exists somewhere else. Though Happiness can be effected by external forces, ultimately it is the perception of the person that affects happiness, whether they choose to numb themselves or open themselves up to it.

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