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I feel that Mrs. Walker made a very valid point about our fears helping us decide our future.

Every time I fear anything, my mind swarms with "What if?" I create all sorts of scenarios that sometimes increase the level of fear. Ultimately, these affect my decision making more than any other influences such as discussing it with a loved one or even a coworker. It makes a lot of sense to me when Mrs. Walker comments on our fears and stories being a way to change our future. The outcomes are endless! As far as the story of the Essex crew goes, I myself have never heard it or read the Moby Dick novel so I neither agree or disagree. Although now I feel I must pick it up very soon! I do not disagree with anything she has said. It has taken me by surprise that someone was able to put it into sensible words considering it is something I have always done.

  • Aug 8 2013: Fear is a terrible thing. If your mind becomes controlled by it you end up with terrible choices. However, one of the worst aspects of fear is the long term effects, these are seen easily, one is a desire for security, another is the development of habits. In the case of an individual this means that people surround themselves with a wall against the world which is constantly supported by their habits which act as security blankets. In the case of whole countries you end up with the military, totally based on the fear. This ends up controlling your life.
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      Aug 13 2013: Are you implying, Frank, that all concern for personal safety in the midst of real unimagined threats is unwarranted?