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The modern duty of theatre.

Theatre's job in the past was to convey culture, show people other parts of the world, educate, and inspire critical thinking about those things. Later is was a social status and a closed art group. Now we have "Rock of Ages" and "The Book of Mormon". How did we get here from there?


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  • Aug 8 2013: Let me disagree with you. As some other commentators have said the job of the theater is to entertain. All the things you listed are secondary - good things but secondary and non existent if no one goes to the theater because the play was not entertaining.

    We have many more forms to get entertainment from and this makes it harder on the theater. Nothing can replace a live performance in its unpredictability and connection to the audience but there has to be something there to keep people in their seats.

    Even Shakespeare understood that. In each of his places, there is a character to appease the groundlings. A good example is the Nurse in "Romeo and Juliet".
    • Sep 6 2013: Check out Floyd Collins. Not very entertaining piece of theatre, but necessary.
      • Sep 6 2013: have not seen the play but believe a Billy Wilder film "Ace in the Hole" was based loosely on Collins and it was a great picture and entertaining but very dark.

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