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The modern duty of theatre.

Theatre's job in the past was to convey culture, show people other parts of the world, educate, and inspire critical thinking about those things. Later is was a social status and a closed art group. Now we have "Rock of Ages" and "The Book of Mormon". How did we get here from there?


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    Aug 9 2013: Both Wayne Uejio and Sean Brother have hit the nail on the head, I think. Theatre is first and foremost and entertainment. But that is not to belittle it, the art from of Theatre is incredibly important to the human condition. Like Sean Brother said before, it gives us a chance to look at ourselves; the play or production puts a small facet of the human experience under the microscope. The audience receives entertainment, and the actor can receive the beautiful experience of existing as someone else.
    But first and foremost it is all entertainment. And as the years go by, you do see this switch in Theatre, as you see it in all other art forms. Both the artists and the audiences tastes change, and with the changing world we live in, it is becoming harder for theatre to draw in the crowds. That is not to say that theatre will ever be a dead medium, because I believe as long as there is the need for a man to connect to his fellow man, theatre will be present.

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