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What Brings You the Most Joy?

There are many things that can make you happy, but what makes you joyful? Don't mind the subtle differences between the words. Instead focus on what just makes you overflow with joy, and share it with the community. Sometimes I see people just arguing, and hashing out the same old ideas. How about we talk about the truly great things in life!

I will start. What makes me the most joyful is seeing other people joyful/happy/elated whatever synonym of the word. That is when I am truly happy, and overflow with joy.


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    Aug 9 2013: I guess for me it's seeing people I love being happy and well.
    I live in another country away from my parents and every year I spend about a month with them over Christmas. That is the most joyful month in a year for me. of course the holiday mood adds on to the joy but just being with them makes me wanna smile all the time:)))))))))))

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