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What Brings You the Most Joy?

There are many things that can make you happy, but what makes you joyful? Don't mind the subtle differences between the words. Instead focus on what just makes you overflow with joy, and share it with the community. Sometimes I see people just arguing, and hashing out the same old ideas. How about we talk about the truly great things in life!

I will start. What makes me the most joyful is seeing other people joyful/happy/elated whatever synonym of the word. That is when I am truly happy, and overflow with joy.

  • Aug 11 2013: Hello Andrew. In starting the one day, morning time takes a huge part of the whole day. Wnen I get up early than other family member and read newpaper first, setting up a curtain, I am happy. The one who dominate the morning time can take the all day as his own day:-o
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    Aug 9 2013: What a wonderfully joyful question. There are so many things but here are a few...
    Hearing my husband say yum after I have prepared a meal for him...
    Picking up the phone and hearing the words "hi mom".....
    Having lunch with my mother...
    Getting a sloppy kiss from my dog....
    Putting on a new blouse...
    Looking at old photos of my grandparents..
    Climbing into a freshly made bed...
    Witnessing my son growing into a fine man...
    Looking forward to grandchildren...
    Reading others share their joys.
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    Aug 8 2013: Probably walking, I really love to walk.
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    Aug 8 2013: Authentic nobility in people and things. When I feel that people and things have a genuine internal nobility, have respect for them and consider it a privilege to be near them.
  • Aug 8 2013: 1. watching a product I designed and manufactured roll down the production line and then used by a customer
    2. getting a call from out of nowhere to discuss a paper or patent
    3. solving a problem or coming up with a unique design
    4. watching my children grow and become successful
    5. watching a child, student, anyone have the flash of understanding of a theory, methodology, solution - the ahah I got it moment
    6. seeing someone try something for the 1st time, succeed or not, that look of doing and trying
    7. a quiet moment
    8. a soft misty rain that is warm yet cooling on the skin
    9. an unexpected beautiful moment like at 2 am, warm summer night watching with a full moon a beaver crossing a large pond.
  • Aug 8 2013: Few things:

    1. When I do something nice for someone secretly, and then watch their surprise and happiness as a major problem went away or something unexpected happened that was nice for them.

    2. When I put some thought into a paper, e-mail, or problems solution, then hear someone else using my words to help solve a similar problem or define a requirement.

    3. When I see my kids face adversity and have the internal tools they need to work their way through it.

    4. When I set up a fishing pole to catch fish and then see them catch their first fish or a really big one.

    5. When I see my son smash a 300 yd drive in golf.

    6. When I see myself hit a 300 yd drive in golf that is straight, or any really good golf shot really.

    7. When I watch some of my Scout parents pin the eagle Scout badge on the chest of their son and know I was involved in providing the you man an opportunity to achieve his goal.

    8. When I happen to be at the right place at the right time to prevent something bad from happening to someone because I acted on intuition.

    9. When I watch unbelievable auditions on one of the talent programs, an elaborate and surprise engagement proposal, or a feel good movie like 'You've got mail' or 'Sleepless in Seattle'.

    10. When I see something that I have designed perform well in the field.
  • Aug 11 2013: When I see spirit and body can be concreted together.It is the most beautiful rainbow I like to see in the sky.
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    Aug 10 2013: a good song. music
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    Aug 9 2013: I guess for me it's seeing people I love being happy and well.
    I live in another country away from my parents and every year I spend about a month with them over Christmas. That is the most joyful month in a year for me. of course the holiday mood adds on to the joy but just being with them makes me wanna smile all the time:)))))))))))
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    Aug 8 2013: A smiling baby
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    Aug 8 2013: Crossing the finish line
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    Aug 8 2013: A selfless act,

    brings me the most joy.
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    Aug 8 2013: .

    Relatively big a-step-better for keeping our DNA alive
    "brings me the most joy".