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What is your biggest fear?

What is your biggest fear? Why? What have you done to over come it?

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  • Aug 27 2013: My fear is that as a species you will not make it.

    The depth and breath of humanity's stupidity and petite vindictiveness is staggering. It's inability to use rationalization of thought, understanding of motivation, the very act's humanity performs for the benefit of the few, the beliefs you've been given, all lead humanity down an inexorable path. And that humanity as a whole cant use it's intellect to see where that path leads.

    A yellow brick road that humanity cant see is the path to it's own demise nor that humanity can even be bothered to see, nor comprehend where it's actions and thus the path takes it. As it only deals with the minutia of the moment. Completely forgoing the ability to use it's mind to rationalize others thoughts, actions and beliefs, and see where the goals intersect diverge and why and how to address them in a way that progress all of the species rather than a few, and in that self imposed slaughterhouse, not realize that those who are slaughtered may very well have the key to salvation.

    In the final moments that many will plead with their god, as the end is finally apparent and there is no salvation, begging their god to save their lilly-white asses from being burnt of the face of the earth - desperately using whatever justification is nearest at hand.

    Maybe in that last second of life, the final realization will come, that humanity has been a complete hypocrite in using that name, that belief, in an idea that there is some all powerful being and loving being, to slaughter your fellow mankind since day 1. And finally understand - you've done nothing to deserve salvation.

    Hopefully understanding, only too late, as humanities death takes hold and in it's last collective breath, that humanity see's it had it's salvation was within its grasp all along. Save, that one too realizes, humanity as a whole was just to blind, arrogant and petite to see it.

    My fear is in that self-inflicted extinction, what had potential is now forever lost
    • Sep 4 2013: I used to have this same fear for our species, but I have come to accept that we are only one step in an on-going flowering of life on this planet, and that something else will live after us as so many species lived before. Given our recent research into other species which, like us, love and mourn each other, have fears and triumphs and can communicate quite well with each other through vocalizations, scents, body language, sign language, sounds that humans cannot hear and so on, I do not fear that any advances we have made as a species will be lost. Lots of other species have similar accomplishments.
      Also, we are so adaptable, able to live in so many climates on so many foods and in so many types of clothing, housing, towns and cultures, I really think that if only a few of us are left, as after the last extinction following the ice age 13,000 years ago, see "The Cycle of Cosmic Catastrophes by Firestone, West and Warwick-Smith, we will come back in a more advanced state if most of us are wiped out again, no matter by what future plague, meteor or change of climate. As long as we have a functioning sun and the moon, we will probably survive just about anything. So, my friend, I hope this helps you overcome this particular fear.

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