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What is your biggest fear?

What is your biggest fear? Why? What have you done to over come it?

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    Aug 30 2013: I had not realized before that TED was full of religious folks. YIKES! Time to flee.
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      Aug 30 2013: So, I guess you also fear people who do not think the same way as you?

      Is that why you are fleeing?
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        Aug 30 2013: I fear religious people. There's nothing scarier. I'd rather be stuck in a room with Gary Ridgway than with a religious nut.
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          Aug 30 2013: Well..........you know what they say don't you?

          "God wants spiritual fruits..........not religious nuts."

          I wouldn't want to be stuck in a room with a religious nut either. :D
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          Aug 31 2013: Tali,
          I think I understand what you mean. Anyone who would try to impose their own beliefs, and insist that everyone follow those beliefs (or else) is frightening.

          I have lived 60+ years practicing some religious and philosophical beliefs, studying, researching various philosophical/religious beliefs, having friends and relatives with varying religious/philosophical beliefs, and I have always felt comfortable with all of it. I respect all people and their beliefs AS LONG AS THOSE BELIEFS DO NOT ADVERSLY IMPACT OTHER PEOPLE.

          With my involvement on TED a few years ago, I started learning more about what religions and religious beliefs do to some people, and it is quite astounding!

          We observe, right here on this thread, that a person is fine with having a fear of god, and NOT ok with you having a fear of religions people! Wow....what's wrong with this picture?
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        Aug 31 2013: I do not need your permission to express my opinions.

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        Aug 31 2013: Ironic...since you seem so hostile. I am not surprised though religion causes that kind of behavior.
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          Aug 31 2013: That is a recognized theory Chris Kelly, and one which we can all learn from. People often tend to see in others that which they most need to recognize within themselves.

          I do not agree Tali that religion always causes that kind of behavior....it can sometimes apparently.

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