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What is your biggest fear?

What is your biggest fear? Why? What have you done to over come it?

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    Aug 19 2013: What is my biggest fear: is the fear of God (my worship and life are not accepted by God...)
    Why: No guarantees (and no one really knows what is out there after life -we believe, we have faith but we don't know or can guarantee our acceptance)
    What have I done: Keep on the good work, look and search for the truth, try to work harder and stay positive :)
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      Aug 23 2013: Your comment reminded me of several scriptural texts.........

      "They publicly declare they know God, but they disown him by their works, because they are detestable and disobedient and not approved for good work of any sort." Titus 1:16

      "For I bear them witness that they have a zeal for God; but not according to accurate knowledge; 3 for, because of not knowing the righteousness of God but seeking to establish their own, they did not subject themselves to the righteousness of God. " Romans 10:2-3

      “For the reason that this people have come near with their mouth, and they have glorified me merely with their lips, and they have removed their heart itself far away from me, and their fear toward me becomes men’s commandment that is being taught, .....................the wisdom of their wise men must perish, and the very understanding of their discreet men will conceal itself.” Isaiah 29:13-14

      I think that many times in life, that small voice inside, tells us when we are not living up to what we feel is right..........whatever we have chosen that "right" to be.

      In your case, and yes, in mine also, we have principles we have said we will uphold.

      How to live in peace? Never set up your own righteousness.....pray for humility........do not become wise in your own eyes......make sure your works are in harmony with your public declaration or worshipping God.

      And may I add, that fear, the fear that God speaks of in scripture, is a fear of displeasing God.
      So, yes, we all do well to fear "not being acceptable to Him". Because like a loving Father, we do not want to displease Him with our lack of integrity-keeping choices.

      Thank you for helping me meditate on these points by allowing me to make a mental connection through your comment.
      It is my desire that perhaps something of what I have written has upbuilt your faith.
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          Aug 29 2013: It has everything to do with being afraid. That god is incredibly ruthless, violent and a warmonger.
    • Aug 23 2013: It's not that hard to figure out the answer to that question. Just pray and ask God how you're doing, and He'll tell you.
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        Aug 24 2013: HI Scot,
        How many times do you pray if I may ask? Muslims prays five times a day every day, they (we) worship God as well as ask him for his mercy and kindness and his greatness to help us and support us and guide us and most importantly forgive us for what do wrong because of us... and many more prayers.

        But, you said "He'll tell you" How? Do you believe there will be a spiritual connection or he will physically come to you? If not (and it is not) then what guarantees do you have? What if those were your illusions talking to you or better your sub concious guiding you. Not even prophets claimed they had that kind of power (to Guarantee) and they where the most spiritual human been, so How can we? There are no guarantees my dear, fear of God must exist to continue your Good work and his Love as well to balance it.

        But yes continue praying and keep on the good work (look for the truth) that's your closest hope. Thank you.
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          Aug 26 2013: Why do you only pray 5 times?
          And, may I ask, are your prayers repeating the same words over and over, or are they more like a conversation?

          I am asking out of curiosity, in my community it is rare to meet with a Muslim who will discuss their faith openly.

          Thank you Mr. Shirah.

          We (by we I mean people of my faith), we approach God in prayer incessantly.
          In other words, we converse with him all day, for many reasons, and in many ways.
          I am unable to count how many times I speak to God daily.
          It is like my family conversations. I am unable to count how many times I have spoken to my children in a day. We have an intimate relation in the family. And we have an intimate relation with God. Of course, prayers are a solemn thing. We approach God with respect and reverence each time we pray, but we do not count or have specific times to approach him, since scripture does not specify such counsel.
        • Aug 26 2013: How many times do I pray....hmm....hard to put that down. At the very least four or five times a day formally, and who knows how many else informally. I think we both have a different meaning for the word prayer. By prayer I mean a two-way communication with God, where I talk to Him, tell Him what I'm thinking, and listen for His answers in my heart and mind. What do you mean by prayer?

          Yeah, I mean a spiritual connection. If by guarantees you mean scientific evidence, then I have none. There's a point when I have to either decide that what I feel and experience is real or not. But what I have felt and experienced is pretty strong and undeniable, so I just choose to believe that. (I mean, if I can't trust my own life, then who can I trust?) Christians call it the Holy Ghost. Do Muslims believe in that kind of spiritual communication?

          Prophets communicate with God regularly in the same method. How else would they know His word? How else would you know that what they say is actually God's word, if they're really prophets or just imposters? Without some kind of communication from God, all of religion completely breaks down.
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          Aug 28 2013: Mr. Shirah, As-salamu alaykum

          Thank you for your reply, and explanation of your prayers.
          That was very kind of you.

          Kind Regards,
        • Sep 4 2013: It is the defining of god which is my greatest fear. When men define or describe god they are limiting god in that very act and thought and prayer, and their limited gods look very like common men out to impose their ideas, needs, desires and rules on other people. This imposition of anyone's idea of god seems to me the most terrible act anyone can take. The definition of god and the idea that anyone can tell what god wants of us, what god is or god thinks or god demands of us is the ultimate hubris, likely to lead us to create a hell here on earth for others, like the women enslaved and murdered because they do not conform to a standard which some man's interpretation of god imposes on them. Defining god as being a certain size, age, color, sex or defining god's desires and needs and moods as being similar to human needs and desires says to me that the person defining god is only expressing his own small choices, and that such a person is unable by virtue of his limiting rules and definition of god to ever come close to making contact with god.
          Many religious people pray continually. I have heard a person who continually lives life as and within prayer called a Householder, when Buddhist. Every act, every thought is a prayer, and every situation therefore is an experience of life and of "god".
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        Aug 24 2013: No, he will not.
        • Aug 26 2013: How do you know that?
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          Aug 27 2013: Many people fear that God is so far removed from humans that he just will not answer prayers.

          And yet, the scriptures call him the 'hearer of prayers'.

          However, God does not answer everyone's prayers. God may actually 'turn his back' on a prayer.

          Prayer is a wonderful topic to discuss in light of the scriptures.

          There are many examples of individuals who have prayed for specific things, and have received a reply. While others, use God as an amulet and expect to be heard at whim.
          It just doesn't work that way.
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        Aug 27 2013: How do you NOT know that?
        • Aug 28 2013: Personal experience, as well as the experience of my family, many of my friends, and other people all over the world I've come in contact with. I can even direct you to a website where tens of thousands of people have uploaded a profile detailing their own experiences. No scientific evidence to be sure, but enough to convince me. I've taught people with no religious background whatsoever about how to come into personal contact with God and they did it on their own. Anyone can do it if they really want to. It's completely a personal decision though. God doesn't force Himself on anyone. But He's real, and I know that more than I know anything.
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          Aug 29 2013: Dear Chris, meditation is good we call it "Monajat" and ofcurse we do it and believe it. and thou it takes you to a very comfort zone and strengthen your believe and faith, it will never provide you a guarantee from God that you are accepted.

          Think of the other people in this world who claim they believe and claim they have evidences of their believes -that are not based on individual or groups opinion or things that you don't see or feel- but actual real evidences and that completely contradict your believes! So there might be even a simple possibility 0.0001% that you are wrong :) and so my question remains can you guarantee -on behalf of God and not out of your believe of God- that you will be accepted by God? I think we all agree that the answer is "No" as no one can talk on behalf of God! And so the biggest fear remains the fear of not being accepted by God and if you overcome that fear then you should fear nothing cause even death is nothing but your transport to heaven).
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          Aug 30 2013: To Tali Ara

          In my experience, I have found that many a times we expect God to work according to our understanding and when the results are not as per our will but His will, we see it as a prayer not answered.
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        Aug 28 2013: One of the biggest fears that a loving parent has is the fear of having harm come to their child due to violence.

        I think that inside all countries are individuals with both faith, and spirituality.

        There are also those without faith and spirituality, who take liberties with their power and oppress and hurt humankind.

        Little children everywhere are hurt. Not just in Syria, but everywhere in the world.

        Is it really God's fault, that such violence occurs?
        Is it because he is not listening to prayers that Syrians, as well as others are suffering worldwide?

        Everyone has their own answers to these questions. It all depends on what you have read, and what your personal experiences are with religion, and life in general.

        I do not think that, as you say, some people think they are more special than others.

        Given the fact that unforeseen occurrences befall us all, I doubt that individual Christian see God as someone who is to be treated as a good luck charm, who protects his servants from terrible things.

        There is a lot to discuss in this topic, but I think it should be done in a conversation all it's own.

        And I think it would be a wonderful thing to exchange views of how we cope with our fears.

        Because while some of us avail ourselves of the privilege of prayer, others use different techniques.
        It is in the spirit of sharing information for the upbuilding of our lives that we should endeavor to share freely what works for us.........doing so with a mild temper, and deep respect for our fellow TEDsters. IMHO. :)
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          Sep 2 2013: I can understand that one...The other day I got upset with my li'l nephew and spoke a little rude...he immediately had the scared look in his eyes that just broke my heart thinking "how could I do something so mean to a li'l child?"

          Even thinking about it hurts. So yes, I may include that as one of my deadliest fears...
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      Aug 27 2013: Agree to the very first comment, Mr. Maher Shirah! We might look at our efforts and actions to be enough for God's acceptance but only God and God alone knows what is in our hearts.

      Everyone knows and claims truth in their own way with their personal understanding...what I find ironical is that we limit God based on our finite understanding and underestimate His powers and infinity of His being and hence we assume that we and those who agree with our faith will be accepted and rest of them will be rejected!
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        Aug 27 2013: Your point of 'there are those who assume that they, and those who agree with their faith will be accepted, and the rest rejected is a very valid one.

        I do agree with you that many times humans underestimate His powers.............especially His power to Love us. :)
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          Aug 27 2013: This is all interesting conversations, lest's not forget that God is Love yes "forgivable", "merciful" but also "almighty" God is "fair"!

          And back to your earlier query about our prayers, our prayers in definition is different than yours and I am glad you asked, so we have what is called "Doa'a" and that is similar to your prayers in principle, it has no limits, no specific time in fact we use this kind of prayer all day and almost associated with every event (That in principle similar what you described as a conversation but God is hearing it all but we hear nothing -as voice or vocal or even spiritual- however we may see or maybe feel the responses in normal life events or maybe not and that is ok in all cases as we believe that God hears it all, so a conversation from one side if you may) that kind of prayers has a recommended repeating verses such as "help me", "save me", "give me the power" but again its not limited to a specific words or time or a place.

          The other kind of prayers are "Prayers" and that is more like worshiping that also include "Doa'a" in different places of the prayer itself. Those prayer are minimum required five times a day everyday but it has no upper limits (as per your capacity). Those prayers are to worship all'ah "God" and they have specific time and some repeating moves and words but also reading different verses from the Qura'an "the holy book and the word of God" as we believe.

          We also believe that "Living" is no different from worshiping, working for example, doing or saying good things, and that is like living and imagining that God is next to you, so you do everything perfectly as you can...

          I still believe we should fear God, we should fear him as much as we love him. And if my biggest Love is God then my biggest fear is also God.

          (And back to the question, who can guarantee that his or her or my work will be accepted? No one except God and only God)

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