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What is your biggest fear?

What is your biggest fear? Why? What have you done to over come it?

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  • Aug 11 2013: my biggest fear is:death.I am still on the way to question myself:why.So far I can't over come it yet.
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      Aug 23 2013: Death itself ? or how you may die ?!
      • Aug 24 2013: Death itself,from my background education,I never got any positive education about death untill a few years ago,I read some psychological books or books about good education,about life how we deal with...I started to be inspired something.But it is still very vague to define or understand well death itself...

        Only thing I can say:I am on the way to search what is the so called:death,as well as life.
      • Aug 30 2013: Hi Dear Chris Kelly,exactly the Tao does explains very deeply about death conciousness.But we didn't learn too much about it when we were studying at school,probably just learned some others ideas about Tao from elder people.Infact all ideas about that were vague for me.So far,we our schools' education don't pay so much about Tao ideas yet.But teaching in action is more effective than curriculum.It seems HongKong or Taiwan is doing a good job about ancient chinese culture transmiting.
        Yes,u are right,it depends when I could be conscious what I learnt.

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