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What is your biggest fear?

What is your biggest fear? Why? What have you done to over come it?

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    Aug 10 2013: Dear All, this message is expressed from my heart, only it from heart can be explained and it can be understood.

    What is my biggest fear?
    My biggest fear is: " I cannot die and I cannot live my life as a human ".

    In Peace & In Joy
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      Aug 14 2013: Dear Lamb Lamb,
      You say your message is from the heart and can be explained and understood? Can you help me understand? You are living as a human are you not?
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        Aug 17 2013: Thanks for your care and concern; I can see, I can hear, I can feel and I can think …..

        I see, I hear and I know turning back the boats is doomed to failure.
        Nothing I can help …..do you think I am living as a human ….


        In Peace
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          Aug 19 2013: Yes, I care Lamb Lamb.

          I read the article, and unfortunately, could not open the video.

          Does the issue with the boat people cause you to feel less human? Sorry I am having difficulty understanding.

          Peace my friend.
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        Aug 21 2013: Of course, there is no legislation and to make me / people happy in Australia. But, many things they do affect my wellbeing. When I knew Gov. decided to turn back the boats. With time, Gov. does not have capacity to investigate the current issues and change for good. Gov. can seriously ill society we live in. Gov. does not solve problems government is the problem!


        In Peace
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          Aug 24 2013: Governments do indeed affect our wellbeing Lamb Lamb, and I agree that our leaders do not always make the best choices for the people, which sometimes contributes to problems, rather than solutions.

          I continue to remind myself that as a citizen of a country, I am part of the government because I vote and participate on a local level as much as I can, with local elections and appointments.

          That is how I overcome any fear of our government.....by participating to the best of my ability, and trusting/hoping that others will do the same.

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