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What is your biggest fear?

What is your biggest fear? Why? What have you done to over come it?

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    Aug 16 2013: Hi Kimberley,

    This is a good question to investigate, isn't it? We are all visited by this special FRIEND every now and then, aren't we? Meaning, we associate Thoughts with events, and the association we make, will dictate our response to the events. The association is made immediately, as a conditioned response (classical conditioning). Now, it is ok to be "visited" by thoughts, but befriending them, especially the negative ones, and making them part of - or putting them in charge of our reality, could be somewhat tiresome and unhealthy, don't you agree?
    So, you assume, somewhat correctly, that we are all entertaining Fear, and from this assumption, you pose a question: what is your biggest fear you entertain or befriend? To me, the question is somewhat different. You see, Fear is nothing other than Avoidance. Avoidance creates Fear, so the the context you try to avoid, takes on an unpleasant flavor, so we distance ourselves from it. This distance, avoidance, is fear, for we refuse to face something, giving it the power by running away from it. But by running away from things we are not able to know the truth of things, which makes us speculate, and you know what speculating is, just watch Wall Street. I am not saying you should not avoid a car speeding your way, but avoiding some things because we pre-empt of the result, psychologically, is fear itself. Now, if I have a fear, id the fear of not facing reality, because without reality, I am lost. And fear causes stress, so why not get rid of it?

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