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Students Exchange/Research collaboration Program for Universities

Students are ready to learn good and point out the bad instantly as well. We need to initiate Universities collaborations as our educational system is very much same so its not an issue for students to get an exchange credits offer and complete some part of their degree in any country.
If we could have academics from Pakistan & India here then they could initiate it from here. Who is going to break the Ice otherwise it will frost bite. Collaborations of researchers and students would lay the foundations of sustainable peace process. We would not need peace dialogues after some time when we have academic ties across the fences and friends with whom we could communicate freely.

We could set a PEACE exchange program.


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  • Aug 31 2013: Interesting... but you leave out of the equation that many students studying overseas are and have been terrorists. Maybe you internally need to address that fact. Or at least understand academics perspective's should they refuse you.
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      Aug 31 2013: Steve few radicals are there on any part of Globe and these Sick minds are trouble. This issue is not be tackled by not so Intelligent minds paid by taxpayers to tackle security. We cant limit interactions due to fear of few.
      Mr Steve if you follow the narrative of any Gov Security agency then you would jump quickly to conclusion that this world is no good place for Humans .. why not settle at MARS.

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