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What will you sacrifice in order to live your extraordinary passion?

The desire to live out one's passion always seems to come at a price. The stuff you'll have to give up is not just one but many things. Take a MD to-be for example, other than the sleepless nights and bulk of money he's throwing in just to complete the long and tedious road of education, he would have to endure the pressure coming from the society on various decisions he has to make in life.

Here is a young undergraduate at internship pondering about her passion. I am aspired to become a physician. Yesterday I stumbled upon an article,
10 things you need to give up to become a doctor
Maybe it's easier said than done but I feel like I'm ready to give them all up except for #6. This dream this passion has been the greatest source of motivation for a slacker like me to work hard in college.

What's your passion?
Is there a limit to how much you would sacrifice for it?


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    Sep 4 2013: My passion is understanding human nature - objectively and subjectively - which means academically and artistically to me, in this context of my individual passion. I will take my years for Ph.Ds and my months for writing fiction, creative nonfiction, poetry and more, for my passion. I'll trade my time for eternal enjoyment of time.

    What would I give up to understand how human's function, cognate and develop? Everything, granted I was able to pass down my knowledge to others.

    The best sacrifices are selfless, entirely. Which is impossible, to me, as there is no such thing as true altruism, but the effort to not being selfish is what counts. More today than ever before, we are able to comprehend/study human nature to resolve theological and philosophical debates once-and-for-all. The effort to get us there is where a lot of the above selflessness is going to have to take place, on a low and high level of society/culture.

    If you feel as though higher education is not worth the sacrifice of time, don't do it. You can still enjoy that subject and topic without pursuing degrees and gaining acknowledgements. It can be your passionate-hobby.

    Passion should drive your decision-making to the extent you are fully aware of the consequences of having those types of passionate attitudes and efforts.

    Example: Someone who wants to help people by being a doctor and curing them, but cannot do the medical school required due to overbearing requirements of time/money/stress, They can still volunteer paramedics, peace corp (medical), and much more. Will not be advanced surgery, but will still satisfy their desire to help others in the sense of direct contact and hands-on.

    The exampled passion being multitudinous: 1. help others, 2. hands on, 3. learn about medicine/first aid, 4. selflessness 5. get the picture?

    The picture is, knowing the dimensions of your desired passion and being able to actually do something with it, even if it is just a hobby in the end..

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