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What will you sacrifice in order to live your extraordinary passion?

The desire to live out one's passion always seems to come at a price. The stuff you'll have to give up is not just one but many things. Take a MD to-be for example, other than the sleepless nights and bulk of money he's throwing in just to complete the long and tedious road of education, he would have to endure the pressure coming from the society on various decisions he has to make in life.

Here is a young undergraduate at internship pondering about her passion. I am aspired to become a physician. Yesterday I stumbled upon an article,
10 things you need to give up to become a doctor
Maybe it's easier said than done but I feel like I'm ready to give them all up except for #6. This dream this passion has been the greatest source of motivation for a slacker like me to work hard in college.

What's your passion?
Is there a limit to how much you would sacrifice for it?


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    Aug 16 2013: Hello my friend,

    My question is: is becoming an MD really your passion? I doubt that it is, forgive my arrogance.
    To find your passion, one must truly live Authentically, Genuinely, with Integrity, without any thought of gain for one's self. Only then, can one be 100% invested in one's activity, with no ulterior motive. Ulterior motive is what you need to sacrifice. If becoming an MD is a MEANS to gaining something, then it will NEVER become your passion. That something will always be in the way of your passion, it will be your reason for doing it. Passion, has no reason behind, which is very difficult for us humans to understand. Passion is effortless, it is Love in Motion, Living itself. Your passion is nothing other than your every day life, and you will commit to it 100%. But we cannot see it because our Ego is always looking for a slice of the action. We all get paid for what we do in some measure, but if we put reward before our passion, is like putting the cart before the horse. With Passion, there is no cart or horse. But for this to happen, your heart must be pure, undivided, sincere. And Honesty never profited anyone, and so we are not interested in Passion but in Profit. So perhaps sacrifice any notion of profit if you want to find the passion in being an MD. And also, as it will be your main focus, everything else must fall in the background, and must be accepted without any complaint.
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      Aug 30 2013: This is a great response; wonderful points to consider. Thanks so much for sharing. Authenticity is the only thing that yields authentic results, and there is no subsitute for integrity.

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