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What will you sacrifice in order to live your extraordinary passion?

The desire to live out one's passion always seems to come at a price. The stuff you'll have to give up is not just one but many things. Take a MD to-be for example, other than the sleepless nights and bulk of money he's throwing in just to complete the long and tedious road of education, he would have to endure the pressure coming from the society on various decisions he has to make in life.

Here is a young undergraduate at internship pondering about her passion. I am aspired to become a physician. Yesterday I stumbled upon an article,
10 things you need to give up to become a doctor
Maybe it's easier said than done but I feel like I'm ready to give them all up except for #6. This dream this passion has been the greatest source of motivation for a slacker like me to work hard in college.

What's your passion?
Is there a limit to how much you would sacrifice for it?


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    Aug 30 2013: This is such an important question to consider on a regular basis. I'm an author, and I'm currently building a visionary multimedia empire with the intention of helping people transcend personal and cultural boundaries/limitations in order to live to their, and our, full potential. Definitely a huge undertaking, and there's no end to sacrifice.
    Sacrifice is a little different in my eyes. Letting go of anything that is inhibiting personal progress is my definition, which is less emphatic that the "let go of something 'good' for you so something 'better' may enter," current definition used.
    Some of the things that get in the way of personal progress aren't good for us at all. I've gone through several bouts of self-abnegation, and without fail, every time I let go of any concept of self, life flourishes for me. It's when I think I know what's going on, who I am, trying to preserve an identity that things get royally f'ed up.
    The biggest thing I sacrifice in order to see the fulfillment of my vision is my concept of self. I'm not doing this for me, or creating this, any more than an instrument plays itself and creates music. I am an instrument, not the music, not the player.
    This approach, coincidentally, allows a person to go with the natural flow so much easier.
    As for becoming an MD, I'm not sure exactly how much this helps, but it's my story, so I hope it helps in some way. Cheers and good luck! Feel free to e-mail me anytime. I love to chat about things that actually matter (like this). :)

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