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Aren't all conflicts we have, no matter if on a global or personal scale, based on either lack of resources or sex?

I recently thought about why conficts arise and basically it is, i guess, because every person or folk tries to secure the most resources for themselves. Every conflict we have on earth is basically a struggle for resources, such as food, water, energy carrier, and sex. This is because we are biolgically programmed to get into a position were we can breed effectively. And that's really all there is to it.


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  • Aug 11 2013: what about hate? war over resources less land? mass murder an psychopaths? Oh! and my personal favorite religion, all these things have nothing to do with resources.
    • Aug 11 2013: Hate arises out of inevitable interpersonal conflicts for the above-mentioned, land equals resources, mass murders - depends on if you talk about psychopaths or genocide - the first case would be an exception, that is also why we consider them as abnormal, the latter is clearly about resources, if you take e.g. the holocaust of ww2, this is how the nazis obtained cheap labor force (for the processing of resources), they also disseized jews, and therefore obtained resources. And religion has been used as a way for the clergy for suppression of the masses and gain of resources all troughout history, and still today. Religion is used for control of sexual intercourse and the stigmatizing of polygamy, namely marriage. Also was/is religion an instrument for the powerful to pass on their wealth to their descendants. Prime example is the caste system, where certain people are only allowed to marry people of the same stand, another one is the marriage among aristocrats.
      • Aug 11 2013: So not all conflict is over recourses at least you agree random hate is conflict and there's plenty of it mostly fueled by sex but there are many people who hate for no reason.
        • Aug 12 2013: I admit that random hate would be an exemption, yes, and maybe there are some people that really hate randomly, because they are mentally sick. But i think that healty people don't really hate randomly, i just think that the cause is not obvious, sometimes not even to themselves...
      • Aug 12 2013: Well atleast you agree with the random hate because many people do it with no care at all. But the real question pertaining to yours is did they get that way because of recourse struggles? less money no women ect.

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