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Aren't all conflicts we have, no matter if on a global or personal scale, based on either lack of resources or sex?

I recently thought about why conficts arise and basically it is, i guess, because every person or folk tries to secure the most resources for themselves. Every conflict we have on earth is basically a struggle for resources, such as food, water, energy carrier, and sex. This is because we are biolgically programmed to get into a position were we can breed effectively. And that's really all there is to it.


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    Aug 10 2013: Typical Ted converstation, lots of touchy feely reletivistic new age non-sense. Converstation mentions sex and resources and not one commenter literate enough to Mention Marx or Freud.
    • Aug 10 2013: The worst part is that you're right, though I know that Freud pretty much agrees with me.

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