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Aren't all conflicts we have, no matter if on a global or personal scale, based on either lack of resources or sex?

I recently thought about why conficts arise and basically it is, i guess, because every person or folk tries to secure the most resources for themselves. Every conflict we have on earth is basically a struggle for resources, such as food, water, energy carrier, and sex. This is because we are biolgically programmed to get into a position were we can breed effectively. And that's really all there is to it.


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    Aug 8 2013: .

    No! They are not based on lack of them.

    They are based on greed.
    Money makes the greed.
    • Aug 8 2013: Alright, that's an easy one - Why are you greedy for money? To buy stuff... Food, Gas etc. So you want resources! But if there were enough resources for you and everyone else you wouldn't need to buy them... you could just get them! -> and this is what i am trying to proof ;)
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        Aug 9 2013: .

        My answer:

        10,000 years ago, we had excess resources (mainly food) in the nature.
        We could not store it.
        So, there was no greed.

        Today, we change the excess resources into money.
        We “store” it.
        Then, there is greed.
        • Aug 9 2013: that is an interesting observation, but it does't say anything about why you would want to possess money, which is, quite obvious, because you can buy things with it.

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