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Do you think more can be done amongst the youth and young people to combat cyber bullying?

We have already touched on ideas we can stop cyber bullying.

It is seen to be rampant amongst the young, but it also affects young adults (workplace bullying). Misuse of the Internet, especially when the use of the internet and social media is almost ubiquitous in today's wired generation is also becoming increasingly common.

We have all seen various cases of cyber bullying leading to suicide e.g Amanda Todd, Hannah Smith

I feel that one of the main causes of bullying is apathy amongst the crowds; we are too afraid to intervene in a bullying case for fear of being targeted ourselves.
It has also become common to set up memorial pages on Facebook after a person has died to spread awareness. However, these pages are often also targeted by other bullies and defaced. While we can spread awareness through Facebook 'likes', it often does not do anything to solve the issue.

Just a shout out, what do you all think can be done to create awareness / mitigate the problem? Government policies, school administration, amongst the youth.. etc.
Examples of things done to combat cyberbullying in your own communities / countries would be helpful too!

cheers :)


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    Sep 4 2013: I think "do unto others as you would have them do unto you" might work.
    Find what it takes to "bully the bullies" and do so until they learn to show the compassion for others they would want for themselves.
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      Sep 4 2013: Good point Martin, and I think when/if we are strong enough in ourselves, we can sometimes reflect the bully behaviors back to the person using them. The challenge with the concept, is that kids are not always emotionally strong enough to do that.

      Secure people generally are not impacted by bullying, and secure people have no need or desire to bully. So, we need to genuinely empower children.....build their self esteem and confidence.....know thyself:>)
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        Sep 4 2013: I agree Collen, and perhaps society can help us help the bullies to know what it feels like, find their weakness and drive it home so they can discover a desire for compassion for themselves,and others. Please note I'm not into punishing the bullies so much as into re-educating them, it being up to themselves as to just how much thats going to take.

        I also like that you see this from both sides. Empowering last I checked does not mean handing someone a solution, instead it means giving them the tools and ability to dig their way out so that they build the strengths necessary to cope. Nice touch.
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          Sep 5 2013: I'm not into punishing either Martin, and agree with you that there is a need for education, a need for compassion, and a choice on the part of a person to use bullying behaviors or not.

          I believe most bullying behaviors are learned, as a protective mechanism for people who have themselves been bullied. If they are learned behaviors, they can be changed with a desire to do so.

          I saw this happen with incarcerated men in the "cognitive self change" sessions I co-facilitated. Most of the guys in the sessions had been mistreated as children, and being the tough guy with a determination that nobody would ever hurt them again, they adopted and practiced bullying behaviors.

          If society, as a whole, is going to address the issue, then society as a whole needs to recognize it as a genuine challenge in our world. There are still lots of people who say it's not a problem....it's just someone having a little fun with another person....it's not relevant....etc. etc. etc. Awareness is the first step toward change.

          I have observed the challenge from all sides Martin, and to me, empowering means showing people something different than bullying....offering them the tools to help change the behaviors, as you say. When we are genuinely empowered in our "self", we generally want to help support and empower others.

          Bullying behaviors tell us quite a bit about the person using those behaviors. If we do not respect ourselves, we cannot honestly respect others. If we treat others with disrespect, we are generally treating ourselves with the same disrespect. We cannot give something to others that we do not have in ourselves.
      • Sep 7 2013: Hi Dear Colleen,reading your comments here,it makes me feel delighted.I couldn't agree with your more which is about how we empowered in our'self'.

        Some of people take bullying others as fun.as well as watching others been bullied.That's very ridiculous pysch among general people.for example,two men fighting in the street,lots of crowds got around watching and bravo stand by side.What point to trigger their nerve to do so?low-educated?
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          Sep 7 2013: Hello Edulover...nice to see you and read your comments:>)
          When I was young, I believed that it was only uneducated people who bullied other people. I thought that an educated person could not.....would not mistreat another human being. However, we know that some educated people use bullying tactics, violence and abuse. So, I no longer believe it is only uneducated people who bully and abuse.

          I think/feel the type of education that is needed, is to recognize and spread the word that bullying, violence and abuse against others, demonstrates insecurity and lack of confidence, rather than strength and security. I see those who use bullying and abuse in their lives as hurting, wounded people who lack compassion and empathy.

          I believe one who uses bullying, violence and abuse against others has not learned any other way of "being" in our world. They may feel fear because some aspects of their lives are out of control, so there may be a superficial feeling of being stronger, smarter, superior, etc. when they can contribute to another person feeling less confident in him/herself. Those who use bullying tactics, need to realize that real strength and empowerment is in encouraging and supporting oneself and others in the life experience in a beneficial way for oneself, as well as others.

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