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Do you think more can be done amongst the youth and young people to combat cyber bullying?

We have already touched on ideas we can stop cyber bullying.

It is seen to be rampant amongst the young, but it also affects young adults (workplace bullying). Misuse of the Internet, especially when the use of the internet and social media is almost ubiquitous in today's wired generation is also becoming increasingly common.

We have all seen various cases of cyber bullying leading to suicide e.g Amanda Todd, Hannah Smith

I feel that one of the main causes of bullying is apathy amongst the crowds; we are too afraid to intervene in a bullying case for fear of being targeted ourselves.
It has also become common to set up memorial pages on Facebook after a person has died to spread awareness. However, these pages are often also targeted by other bullies and defaced. While we can spread awareness through Facebook 'likes', it often does not do anything to solve the issue.

Just a shout out, what do you all think can be done to create awareness / mitigate the problem? Government policies, school administration, amongst the youth.. etc.
Examples of things done to combat cyberbullying in your own communities / countries would be helpful too!

cheers :)


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  • Aug 22 2013: Unpopular idea: Teach moral behavior as a good in and of itself. Not "being nice" but being moral. Bullying is never moral. Humility is moral. It's not apathy that causes bullying. That's silly. Nothing is more apathetic than a rock in my yard. It doesn't care at all what I do. It does not cause me to do anything. Apathy might permit bullying, but it no more causes bullying than the rock in my yard causes me to like chocolate. Blaming the uninvolved is almost as bad as blaming the victim. The bully must be blamed and those who brought up the bully. If the bully is of the age of reason, crush it with all necessary force. If the bully is not of the age of reason, crush its parents or guardians with all necessary force. Bullies do not understand kindness or humility. They only understand force and power. Thus, since the lack the moral capacity to exercise restraint, they must be restrained, just like any other badly-trained animal. Then, once the bully realizes that further bullying will always bring about overwhelming societal retribution, retrain the animal until it becomes a human being.

    None of us are really born human. We are only born with equal capacity to become human. Most of us become human. Some of us are so badly brought up that we never become human. The worst of us choose to cease being human. Those members of our biological species who were not allowed to become human must be restrained until they are taught to be human. Those who have voluntarily ceased being human may be beyond correction, at which point they must be removed from the population. Bullying is a sign of either having not being allowed to become human or having decided to stop being human.
    • Aug 23 2013: Moral is a big word are you saying Moral right or Moral wrong, assuming the first, it would be moral wrong if I interfere with your Ideas but Moral right if we think alike, unfortunatly morals are tought so we let go of our Guards, when people who think outside the domeins of education impress them self we feel we are being bullid.
      if at first we are tought that no one must mass up with my things the only way is to stand up for my self, no one alse will (do or die), every body in school knew that don't mass with me, 'cause they knew the Consequences of that, I will literal bite my out another then that I will team up with the strogest so you would never think of interfiering unless you wanted some unpleasent thing to happen to you.
      what I'm tryin to say is teach kid to stand up for themself

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