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Do you think more can be done amongst the youth and young people to combat cyber bullying?

We have already touched on ideas we can stop cyber bullying.

It is seen to be rampant amongst the young, but it also affects young adults (workplace bullying). Misuse of the Internet, especially when the use of the internet and social media is almost ubiquitous in today's wired generation is also becoming increasingly common.

We have all seen various cases of cyber bullying leading to suicide e.g Amanda Todd, Hannah Smith

I feel that one of the main causes of bullying is apathy amongst the crowds; we are too afraid to intervene in a bullying case for fear of being targeted ourselves.
It has also become common to set up memorial pages on Facebook after a person has died to spread awareness. However, these pages are often also targeted by other bullies and defaced. While we can spread awareness through Facebook 'likes', it often does not do anything to solve the issue.

Just a shout out, what do you all think can be done to create awareness / mitigate the problem? Government policies, school administration, amongst the youth.. etc.
Examples of things done to combat cyberbullying in your own communities / countries would be helpful too!

cheers :)


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  • Aug 21 2013: My generation laughs it off because they are blinded my thousands of years of devolution which was not helpful. Why do you think there has been no revolutions in hundreds of years, only more slavery under this repressive regime of corporate dictators. The government of the people is long gone along with the constitution and bill of rights which have been rewritten out of existence. The only freedom left in this country is the freedom for corporations to rape and plunder at will and use any and all resources of the entire world to promote there agenda no matter what the cost.

    You may have thought I am off subject but that is not true. Cyber bullying is just one form of violence and violence is there goal. As long as we are fighting amoungst ourselves we will not notice or care that they have us completely enslaved and preoccupied. We will not notice or care that they have taken away our freedom. We will not notice that they have taken over the government that once represented us and are now using it against us. We will not notice that our public safety no longer exists, that the agencies that used to protect us are now used to enslave us.

    "The best weapon against an enemy is another enemy"- Friedrich Nietzsche
    I might add that the easiest way to defeat an enemy is to turn it against it's self. "A house divided against itself cannot stand", remember the civil war.

    How to turn an enemy against itself? Food is the easiest way, make them dependent!
    "2010, 46.9 million people in America were in poverty" with a population of 300 million that's 1 in 6
    Not to mention that the food they do eat is bad for them and causing them to get diseases.

    It all boils down to food folks, plain and simple good nutritious food just like your momma always said eat your fruits and vegetables. Once you insist on good fresh fruits and vegetables, you will think better, feel better and act better.

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