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Do you think more can be done amongst the youth and young people to combat cyber bullying?

We have already touched on ideas we can stop cyber bullying.

It is seen to be rampant amongst the young, but it also affects young adults (workplace bullying). Misuse of the Internet, especially when the use of the internet and social media is almost ubiquitous in today's wired generation is also becoming increasingly common.

We have all seen various cases of cyber bullying leading to suicide e.g Amanda Todd, Hannah Smith

I feel that one of the main causes of bullying is apathy amongst the crowds; we are too afraid to intervene in a bullying case for fear of being targeted ourselves.
It has also become common to set up memorial pages on Facebook after a person has died to spread awareness. However, these pages are often also targeted by other bullies and defaced. While we can spread awareness through Facebook 'likes', it often does not do anything to solve the issue.

Just a shout out, what do you all think can be done to create awareness / mitigate the problem? Government policies, school administration, amongst the youth.. etc.
Examples of things done to combat cyberbullying in your own communities / countries would be helpful too!

cheers :)


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  • Aug 19 2013: Bullying, and subsequently overcoming the adversity associated with bullying is akin to evolutionary character building. Yes it sucks, but parents need to have the talk with their kids where they tell them to "nut up". Not everyone is going to like you, in fact, some people are going to hate you for no reason at all. Learn to deal with them cause they will be there in some way your whole life, study hard and eventually you will make more money and be happier than those sad, lonely hearted bullies. They don't matter... so pay them no mind.

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