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Robotics can be extremely beneficial to the medical industry, especially with the increasing need for physicians.

Can a robot be used to pre-screen patients diagnosing their symptoms before they are seen by a doctor? This could potentially increase hospitals efficiency and aid the medical staff in treating high numbers of patients while simultaneously reducing long wait times. Furthermore, could robots be used to perform precision surgical procedures and lower the risks of failures? I think that various robots can be designed to assist doctors with lengthy and difficult surgical procedures as well as diagnose symptoms.

  • Aug 10 2013: I only read many reports or news that diagnoses by a physician by online communication, but hardly any report on diagnoses by robots, either online of face to face.
    The important point is that technologically, we simply wouldn't be capable of building such robot qualified for giving diagnosis on its own.
    Furthermore, even such things are possible, would it be easier to train large number of paramedics, who already have premedical training, to carry on such works, rather than using robots? This seems much more practical to relieve the physician shortage than having the unattainable tasks of inventing+training such robots
  • Aug 8 2013: While you are assuming what you are tring to prove - I have to ask When and where? Do you have other links or will someone provide me with them.