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Magnetizing Mars

1. Build giant ribbon wires made of thousands of small wires, each with a thin coating of a high-temperature superconductor.

2. Send thousands of these ribbon wires to mars and connect them in a ring around the equator.

3. On one of the linkages, connect the conductors 1 off so there is one free conductor on each side, creating a superconducting spiral around the planet.

4. Connect a DC generator to these 2 free conductors

5. Continuously spin the generator using various sources of electricity, over time it should build up a magnetic field in the planet's iron core until it is enough to sustain an atmosphere.

The ribbon wires would need heat sinks to come out at night and mirrors to cover them at day in order to remain below the critical temp.

Does anyone else think this would work? (I'm not saying its feasible now but possibly in a few thousand years)


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  • Aug 7 2013: Does Mars not have an atmoshere? Maybe not like earth, but what is there?
    • Aug 7 2013: Without a magnetic field an atmosphere capable of supporting life would get blown off by the solar wind.
      • Aug 8 2013: Mars has a magnetic field It's just less than ours. So I have some more questions. What is there? What can we do with it? Maybe we have to live in caves, but haven't we always done something like that? Answers wwould be much appreciated.
        • Aug 8 2013: I'm talking about increasing the strength of the magnetic field so that people, plants, and animals could eventually move out of the caves and inhabit the whole surface. By the time people are able to do something like this, there would already be many people living on mars and it could be built on mars. If only isolated caves and domes are habitable, it is more likely for all life there to go extinct, both because there would be less life there, and those systems keeping the caves and domes habitable are more likely to fail.
      • Aug 9 2013: True but it would require so much energy.

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