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Discussing how much individuals are truthful with themselves

Due to a global crisis people seam to be unhappy, mostly due to economical issues. But even when money is not a problem, are people really happy? Are people really truthful with themselves? Do they tell themselves the truth? Do they tell others what they only want to listen? How can this affect the global crisis, and how can the paradigm can reverse it?


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  • Aug 7 2013: Hello Patricia,
    I am unaware of anyone who intentionally lies to self about life and events. One possible exception is a person I know diagnosed as bi-polar. This person has difficulty facing reality and with judgment.

    A factor that could affect judgment is intellectual endowment. Those persons with a high endowment will likely get more education and also be more active socially and with both would more likely be willing to face reality----maybe. Could we say truthfully those with lower intellect are less educated and therefore could have more reality issues? I am not certain.

    Being truthful to ourselves likely includes great confidence in ourselves. As I see it confidence includes loving ourselves and that, extrapolated means we are able to love others more. Why lie to ourselves if we love ourselves? Why lie to others if we love others?

    Being dishonest with self I think could make it easier to lie to self and others. Such relationship with self and others requires healing which must first be a result of realizing need for healing. The paradigm could shift with being honest and realistic. A person could be in a bad situation in family, in a community or a nation. Desire for healing is needed to change paradigm understandings.

    Healthy leaders are needed in all situations. A healthy planet will come from loving one another, putting away desires for doing harm and working together realistically and in truth for higher values and meanings in life. Peacemaking is a worthy activity of mind. A person not at peace with self cannot lead and cannot face reality and therefore cannot lead.

    A good personal religion helps.
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      Aug 7 2013: A interesting point of view? But I disagree with some issues. Many people, and not only bi-polar individuals lie to themselves. Why? Social, psychological, political, ideological influences... And that can affect our self happiness or the happiness of the ones around us, co-workers, friends, family...~
      What you think about that?
      • Aug 7 2013: Yes, I concur. TED allows only 2,000 characters, so there is not enough space to offer a lengthy dissertation. Being in a state of denial is possible for many issues of life, so explanation of all would be a lengthy task and study. Keep up your good work!

        People tend to form firm conclusions-opinions and such firmness indicates a closed mind, a condition limiting growth and wider understanding. Such a person is not likely to accept truth for many life situations. Denying truth of a situation or a philosophical posit may be tantamount to lying also. Could you agree?

        You do well to bring this topic to our attention. We need to think more about being truthful.

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