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How can we revitalize the American Dream?

I just finished reading 2 articles
1. An editorial from NY Times on the "Crumbling American Dream"
2. A USA News Report on "Death of the American Dream"

After reading these articles and reviewing some talks, it was clear that choice tied to education and the economy played a major role.

How can we revitalize the American Dream and maybe help those that were passed over already?

  • Aug 6 2013: Focus on what we can do for ourselves rather than what others need to do for us.

    Be proactive in making good things happen. Do not feel victimized when they do not happen after we give our best effort, or when they happen for someone else. Try again.

    Buy what you need, save what you can, and enjoy the struggle of life. Pro-actively plan for having what is needed to survive the unknown to the best of your ability. Celebrate the small victories in life resulting from your work, and help others or accept help from others when bad things happen to you or your family. Work to return the good will and resources shared by others to help you survive when you are able.

    Do what is necessary to make sure that you country, state and community are safe and a clean place for families to live. Strive to improve living conditions and public recreation areas.

    Do what is necessary to provide children an excellent learning opportunity for children.

    Do what is necessary to enable those that cannot survive on their own, all of the things needed to survive.

    Offer non-violent criminals the opportunity to do community service instead of jail time at some rate like 3:1 or 4:1 hours on community service to hours in jail.

    Require juvenile delinquents to perform community service with a parent in lieu of time in a detention center.

    Require vandals and one parent to work on habitat for humanity or cleaning parks and neighbor hoods in disrepair.
    • Aug 7 2013: Robert thanks for the comment

      the first part is individual efforts and I agree - change must start with the individual and i would add working toward the dream even if you think it is impossible, do not quit until the end.

      The 2nd section on the country, i agree with especially education. I would like to add make sure people understand their choices and the consequences. In the NY times op ed piece, the author compared his life with a high school classmate who went to work at a local factory. When the factory closed, he was left with very little and affected his children and his grandchildren.

      I really like the community service ideas and would relieve the prison over crowding. Also, non-violent, especially 1st time offenders should not be in prison.
  • Aug 9 2013: The first question I have is, what IS the American dream? How do you define, quantify, or qualify that for a nation? While I couldn't possibly begin to define such a relative question as what is the American dream or how we revitalize it I think I could shed some light as to what is the demise of our slowly crumbling society.

    Men and women with integrity. This is what our nation, and our world for that matter, is lacking on a perpetual and increasingly steep downward spiral. Don't get me wrong, this is in no way a finger pointing rant. I would include myself, at times, to be as guilty as anyone else for contributing to this ailing epidemic. Why is the lack of integrity the case though?

    Our (worldwide) culture is selfish. We are self-serving. We lack the ability to love. We lack the ability to be others-centered. Revitalizing the American Dream, what ever that is, will require us to think beyond ourselves and to incorporate a way of thinking that reveals that the only way I can be at my best is if I'm helping others be at their best.
    • Aug 10 2013: To me the American dream is work hard, get a better life for your family, and setup your children for a better life than you had. You are right the dream is not a national dream but an individual dream.
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    • Aug 7 2013: will have to check out the movie - thx
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    • Aug 7 2013: I agree with you only a few people will make enough money from Amway. I am sure someone else could explain it better but here is my try.

      assumptions: 1. cost of making soap is the same for everyone
      2. the markup per level is 2%

      walmart case
      soap maker sells 10k bars of soap to walmart, walmrt sells the soap for 1.04 2% markup for walmart, 2% markup for the soap maker


      amway sells 10k soap bars to their independent business operator - they can sell the soap for 1.04 but an individual has a hard time selling 10k bars of soap so he has 100 ibo under him selling 100 bars each and they tack on their markup. So the price of the soap is 1.06. the final seller makes 2 dollars for 100 bars of soap, the middle ibo makes 200 and amway makes 200 for each ibo.

      Amway has been accused of running pyramid scheme but courts have found that they do not quite match the definition. They also are now required to buy back unsold products. Before if you were an ibo and ordered 100k bars of soap you were stuck, now Amway has agreed to buy back the unsold soap.
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    Aug 6 2013: Easy quit killing it.

    The American dream is organic to a person. The only way that it is taken away is through incessant oppressive activities that squash these organic drives and enslave the individual through government "Help"
    • Aug 7 2013: Thanks for your comment - I agree and disagree - We have too many regulations and the help was supposed to be temporary. We do need some regulations or we would have more Johnson County War or triangle factory fires.