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Why aren't we rating corporations and government agencies on high ethical standards? Shouldn't we reward companies that are ethical?

A few of us in a think tank want to know why aren't we rating companies and government on performance to obey laws such as anti-discrimination, False Claims Act, Dodd-Frank, Sarbanes-Oxley, Foreign Corruption Practices Act and OSHA regulations. Employees should be checking to see if their employer is compliant and not being prosecuted for fraud, waste, abuse, mismanagement and dangers to public health and safety.

Who wants to work at a corporation or government agency that may go under because of the failings of management to obey the law.

Should we give gold stars to companies and government agencies on their ability to not violate laws?

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    Aug 7 2013: None of the maladies that you mention are government related, why is that?

    Sarbanes Oxley has been in existence since 2001, in that time it has not found one single incident of financial irregularity. Yet has cost the economy an estimated 1.5 trillion dollars per year to implement. Also since it's .implementation the number of IPOs has plummeted.

    Frank Dodd was authored by the same 2 individuals who created the CRA which caused the VERY problems that the consumer protection act was designed to fix, yet did nothing to reign in investment bankers.

    We already have a wonderful regulation devise in existence it is called the free market, the ONLY problem with it is when it is not allowed to operated as it should.

    The LAST thing we need is more regulations or agencies. Least of all ones instigated by "think tanks" who are profoundly ignorant to the economy.
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      Aug 7 2013: Pat -
      The Government is not the problem, the Problem is the Problem! And the Free Market won't fix it! Why? Because big dollar corporate interest are way too skilled at lying to us. They rape us all! They commit outrages against the public interest while reassuring us that the pain we experience thereby is little more than a transient indigestion.

      I got no problem w/our elected officials looking out for us. That is a big part of why most of us choose to vote. I don't care about Sarbanes Oxley. I could care less about Frank Dodd or his legislation.

      Today's Trans-National corporations are large enough that they can both create, control, and sustain the market. Without any threat from any meaningful Free-Market competition! Look @Walmart! Good products for cheap! I like that. But can't they pretty much do what they want? Especially when their business model is set up to undercut the local chain of SackN-Sack-Save4-Cheap! Cheap!-Price! grocery stores (9 stores in two states - a real national chain) on price & value. Competition is rough on the little guy!

      For all the criticism that Walmart gets - I consider them to be in the top 3 or 4 as far as corporate good-citizenship is concerned.

      Pat - you gotta do better than you have so far! You just seem to spout the conservative, Republican talking-points. They are designed & written to protect the market-controlled capitalism we have today. We don't have a free market! We have a controlled market - in that NOTHING can happen at this point to erode or diminish Walmart's price monopoly. They can do what they want.

      Thank goodness they haven't wanted to go all "Chinese" w/price fixing. First they drop prices to destroy the competition - later they jack them up to cash in on their early work. Get real! I'd put Sam Walton ahead of Henry Ford on many issues (antisemitism for one).

      I consider Sam Walton a great American. Sam was a good citizen. So is Walmart (for now). You just don't connect the dots here.
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        Aug 7 2013: Wow you are even more profoundly ignorant than the OP, care to use ANY facts to back up your conjecture?
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          Aug 7 2013: The United States Congress does not enact legislation into law w/o facts. As a voter, I/we trust them that much. Perhaps we shouldn't - but for the life of the republic to date, the system has worked. Thus far, the USA has been a very successful undertaking.

          If the Free Market can fix itself, it will. It has. And when that happens, Uncle Sam stays out of it. Only when things break down does Uncle Sam (the Congress) get involved in regulating things.

          I have faith in the Facts. I have faith in my government.

          I grant you your freedom of choice and I respect you for your freedom and autonomy under law. That is guaranteed by the U.S. Constitution. But we also are free to be wrong! Perhaps I am partly wrong, but thus far, the system seem to work. Regulation? Yes! But only when & where needed. And if it is needed, Do It! Congress will. Congress has. And for most U.S. American Citizens, that is enough.

          By the way, what's the OP? And you'll have to excuse me if I don't respond to your response to my response. I intend to enjoy some serious "'profoundly-ignorant,' me time!" here and in the immediate future.
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        Aug 7 2013: have a nice day
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      Aug 7 2013: My problems is - I tell ALL my secrets on line! Should I be disappointed that the NSA doesn't care?
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          Aug 7 2013: Does your pigeon have a name? I want to build a shrine & worship that mystical creature! Is this the beast that can talk? Post a photograph on your profile so I can download to my mystic shrine ...

          " . . . I would prefer maybe something like a miracle...an animal that talks would do it...something all the competitors would be willing to notice."