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Projections for the next 20 years

Based on current global trends, financial, military, social, technological, etc... what are your predictions of what the next 20 years will have in store for your country, state, business, world, or all the above??
Compare what you think will happen to what you hope will happen.

The end of this conversation is drawing near. The theme of which has been very much what I thought it would be. Every one of us can pin point the problems of today that will lead us into a dismal future unless rectified. None of us here on TED has the "power" required to solve these problems. Individually we are far too powerless. Take a look at the size of this online community, there aren't very many of us. We are the people who choose to discuss, debate, and challenge each other. If our need to speak out and communicate about substantial issues was being satisfied completely in our daily lives many of us would not be registered in an online community seeking other like minded individuals who will care about the thoughts we think. An ignorant complacency has been epidemically spreading for too long and feels irreversible which makes the future seem a dark and dreary place. My optimism lies in the fact that we all get "it", we know, we understand, but in order for anything to come out of this understanding of what changes need to be made and what the end result has to be for all of us we need to buckle down and do something. I'm in no way trying to make that a personal attack statement, I don't feel as though we're all standing idly by as everything happens to us.
There were numerous comments suggesting that something big is speeding toward us, a game changer, a war, a revolution, a revelation, a...something. Whatever "it" is I just hope that we can discuss, debate, and challenge each other to become empowered individuals with answers as opposed to a list of problems.


Closing Statement from Ang Perrier

Thank you for all the contributions :)

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  • Aug 30 2013: Life will change, is for certain. The velocity of change, though, is unlikely to match that of the last 3-4 decades. Its inherent as human beings or any being for that matter to resist change. Or at least be apprehensive towards it. But if you come to think about it judiciously, you will agree to appreciating the changes that life underwent since before you were born, till today. We all will agree, in one way or another. To an extent or less. But agree we will.
    (I know we have a school of thought that says life was simpler once. Not very long ago. But what is debatable is whether it was better. Better, for that matter, is subjective to opinion!)
    Now the question i want to ask is, why then we frown upon what is yet to come? Why do we say nay, to what we don't know about? Why can't we take it in our stride and give change a direction. Because that, we can do. That's in our control. What is to happen - not so much.
    Why waste life, moping around, trying to fill heads with apprehensions about times to come? I have observed a trend in most people, and i know i am generalizing, but then i am just trying to make a point here. People as they go further in life, tend to become more pessimistic. I think it is just how the human mind works. We justify what we undertook once and we support our actions with circumstantial evidence and explanations. But we tend to shoot things down and share a word of caution or two, when we look at the youth doing something that we define as "reckless". This is true: in life, technology and business. Think about it.
    Personally, i believe that life and the world around it at large has changed for better. Even with all its complexities, its imperfections, its drawbacks, life is still loved. It is still worth living. Perhaps more than ever.
    So choose to believe in what is to come. Chose to trust. Have faith. I know i do. If you can influence and give it a sense of meaning and a direction, do it. But while you do, mean well. I know, i try.
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      Aug 31 2013: I'm not trying to justify a pessimistic attitude but as we travel through our lives we tend to observe the number of people not learning from mistakes. Whether it be mistakes that they've made personally or someone else, whether it's from ignoring the lessons that history was supposed to teach us, or what have you. It's frustrating and some of the outcomes can be devastating for a great many people.

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